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POCC at a Glance - 23rd May, 2011


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Startup In Focus - Twenty19.com

The Startup in Focus this week is twenty19.com, a platform that enables students to equip themselves in the best possible way to choose and pursue their dream career. Let us find put more about this revolutionary venture in the field of education from Karthikeyan Vijaykumar, Founder and CEO of twenty19.com.

If someone asked you to tell them about startup in about 50 words, what would you say?

Twenty19.com helps students in colleges by providing them a variety of opportunities such as internships, job opportunities, information on conferences, events, scholarships, and much more. Twenty19 also supports the colleges in their student placements and internships. For the companies, twenty19 provides an easy access to recruit students

What was the idea behind the venture, what propelled you to start? 

In our previous life, when we were running a Business Consulting Start-up, we always had interns from different colleges working learning & having fun with us! We loved working with students as they brought in tremendous energy and new perspectives into the company. At one point – we had so many students requesting for an internship at our company that if we had to accommodate anymore interns in our small apartment, we'd probably have to sit on each other's lap! We thought - why not connect all these students to other companies looking for interns – we call this our Eureka thought - Twenty19 was born!

Tell us about the team

We are an entrepreneurial bunch of 11 people, with a mix of technology and business people. BITS Pilani has a good representation – with the founder and the technology team from the institution.

How did you raise the capital?

It helped when we were able to start off, with savings from a consulting venture, earlier. We followed it up by raising money from friends and family.

What challenges did you face?

The earliest challenge was to identify something of value to the users. We spent a lot of time hanging around the college canteens – talking to students, to understand what they wanted. We also spoke to companies and they helped us build the features that we currently have on the website. We continue to talk to our users, to provide them with features they like and use. It was also a challenge to recruit the good guys in the company, earlier. But thanks to the work done so far and the team we have built, recruiting now has become a lot easy.

What are your expansion plans?

We are targeting more student users through colleges. We are building partnerships with colleges. We are also working on introducing more interesting content for students. For the companies, we are working on easy recruitment solutions that help them reach out to relevant students.

POCC wishes the entire team of twenty19.com a bright and exciting future. Do let us know of your thoughts on this story. You can write to us at writing.stylus@gmail.com.

News You Can Use: Company Registration

One of the recurring queries on POCC website is regarding the registration of a startup. In this edition of POCC At A Glance, let us have a look at an important resource for resolving this issue:

The Government of India has set up a website: http://www.mca.gov.in/, which gives all the important information required for registering a company. It has the information about the Acts and Bills that pertain to registering the company, downloadable forms that need to be submitted, as well as the submission centers across the country.

You can also check out its initiative MCA21 for more information about e-filing. Here’s an excerpt from the website:

MCA21 project is designed to fully automate all processes related to the proactive enforcement and compliance of the legal requirements under the Companies Act, 1956. This will help the business community to meet their statutory obligations. MCA portal is the single point of contact for all MCA related services, which can be easily accessed over the Internet by all users.

 The following points highlight the project’s invaluable importance:

  • Enable the business community to register a company and file statutory documents quickly and easily.
  • Public will get easy access to relevant records and get their grievances redressed effectively.
    • Professionals will be able to offer efficient services to their client companies.
    • Financial institutions will find registration and verification of charges easy.
  • MCA will ensure proactive and effective compliance with relevant laws and corporate governance.
    • Employees will be enabled to deliver best of breed services.

The entrepreneurs can use the e-forms to fill the information electronically. The process consists of dissemination of e-Forms in a reliable manner, efficient filling of information by eliminating re-entering data submitted in the past, electronic payment for and delivery of services as requested in the e-Forms. The business community can also track the status of their e-filing online.

The capability to automate the e-Form processing has also been extended to the Back Offices to meet the service levels committed to the business community. The e-Forms and attached documents, all in electronic format, are automatically assigned to the MCA staff and the progress tracked until the service is delivered to the citizens. 


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