Nowadays, getting a professional looking email addresses like or or a Google for work email address is very easy with the help of G Suite. Did you have any idea that you can easily get similar business email addresses like the ones above and continue to have the exact same Gmail user experience that you and your staff have become accustomed to?

That is where G Suite comes in. The email service offered within G Suite is basically a business version of Gmail. Therefore, no training is needed for current Gmail users. G Suite collaborates business versions of all of Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Hangout, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Drawings, Google My Maps and Google Sites and more. Let us explore the top five advantages of using G Suite.

1) Email Account Ownership – The thumb rule is that your company owns all accounts of google for work and employee email account. What will happen if your employee joins your competitor and have access to all yours google business apps? G Suite comes to the rescue. Within G Suite administration, if someone leaves your organization, you can immediately change that person’s password and forward any emails sent to their address to someone else. The biggest advantage to this is, you can rename a user to someone else and you don’t lose any email data. G Suite also supports data migration from legacy systems such as Microsoft Exchange and IBM notes. In Google apps for work, slides and sheets created by employees are owned by the company in G Suite. With your G Suite credentials, you can easily sign in to other cloud business applications.

2) Document sharing – It is very easy to share documents within your team when you use all on the same G Suite account. For example, if you want to give employees view-only access to a Google Doc, then that can be done with just a few clicks thereby saving time and you can concentrate on other work. While mailing across a large file (more than 25MB) it automatically uploads the file to drive and shares the right to the receiver.

3) Extra security with two-step verification – G Suite has a two-step verification layer of security that can be enforced for all users. This is decided only by the administrator. It is important if you decide to use Google Drive as the cloud backup standard for company PCs or your Macs.

4) Group Email Addresses – You can easily route emails that are sent to multiple people or to a customer service through G Suite and there is no additional charge for such group addresses. You can also create multiple email aliases (max 30) for any G suite user.

5) Hangouts meets – Google introduced Hangouts Meet in G Suite. It is easy to set up online video meetings along with screen sharing for up to 25 participants.

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