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Client Management Executives & Team Lead (PPC Executives)

Location: Pune, India


Sokrati is looking for awesome Client Management Team Leads. You should love digital marketing & everything around it; and at the same time should have an obsession to serve the clients with best possible service in the industry. You will be taking an active role in building a team of at least 20+ Client Managers, training them on Sokrati System & Internet Marketing concepts, setting the right processes to ensure quality service delivery and co-ordinate with senior management to set targets & achieving them.



Software Design Engineer

Location: Pune, India


If you enjoy burning the mid-night oil while developing cutting edge technology modules, Sokrati needs you. If you enjoy detailing systems that is used every hour of the day and hence addressing large-scalable and distributed systems, Sokrati would love to have you. If you enjoy technology so much that you would love to automate daily walk of life, then Sokrati wants you.

You would be responsible for building extremely high scalable systems, addressing core necessities of intensive use through distributed systems.



Software Design Engineer (Platform Tools)

Location: Pune, India


Sokrati is looking for ardent Software Engineers responsible for evaluating software to use or if it doesn’t meet your standards build one in house, that would lay foundation for the platform to be built on. Such an individual should be knowledgeable in Software Life-cycle and also cognizant of various solutions in the market. He/she would be proposing solutions to ease the software development, monitoring of software and hardware, evaluating databases, continuous build systems or even the language that we should be using.



Data Analyst / Client Operations Engineer

Location: Pune, India


Sokrati is looking for Data Analysts / Client Operations Engineers to support Client Managers team at Sokrati. The candidate will be involved in retrieval and analysis of data from Databases using MySql; guiding the clients through technical integrations like Sokrati Pixel & testing the same; and providing analytics to clients & management.


Software Design Engineer in Test

Location: Pune, India


Software Design Engineer in Test brings the expertise of Software Development to develop framework and tools to test products. The engineer elaborates on the details of the functionalities and enforces that the product being rolled out meets the requirements specified. You will be involved from the start of the software development of the product with emphasis on functional testing, negative testing, performance testing, scalability testing, international testing. You carry the final seal of approval. It combines the “building” aspect of software design engineering with the “breaking” aspect of software test engineering.


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