Surround School is a suite of web-based e-learning applications that offer Teachers and Students a way to complement their formal teaching and learning methods. With Surround School applications Academic Institutions can now access world class digital learning content from our partners with the ability to map it to their own curriculum. Content Providers can partner with us to get access to a new content delivery application with exicting features that enhance the value of their content leaving them free to focus on creating quality content.

Our applications includes;

KnowledgeWheels: Using the principles of concept maps, proven to enhance learning, our KnowledgeWheels application allows teachers to create course outlines of their choice and attach learning objects in the form of videos, simulations, images and web pages.

KnowlwdgeNet: A closed-community, child-safe social network that allows students, teachers and parents to interact and stay updated on the child's progress and other events in school.

KnowledgeWeb: digital content, 5000+ videos, 1000+ simulations, interactive and discovery oriented learning.

KnowledgeShare: For collaboration, group learning and project creation.

You can visit for more details or email

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Comment by Ravikant Kharat on March 17, 2012 at 12:40pm

Hello Deepali,

I am from the same field and also have launched a product for schools..may be we can have a chat. Lets see if we could help each other.

Thanks and Regards,

Ravikant Kharat


Comment by Santosh on November 5, 2011 at 6:22pm
I recommend posting on the forum under launch announcements.

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