The world of digital marketing is changing at a good pace, as a result of which new trends are forming every day. Digital marketers are required to gain knowledge about changing strategies effectively. The year 2017 is going to be a smarter year with more and more digital marketers trying their luck like me!
From search engine marketing to social media advertising, everything has become digital. If you are engaged in any marketing roles, you should know about some important facts of digital marketing that help you generate effective digital marketing strategies.
1.  Online Marketing is Skyrocketing
Online marketing in video format are getting more clicks than other digital formats compared to other formats, including rich media ads, mobile ads etc. This kind of performance is attracting advertisers and this is the reason why it is skyrocketing.
However with their increasing demand, they are becoming more expensive. The overall demand of online advertisement is too high and it is estimated that cost of online advertising will also grow high by next year. No doubt, the growth of digital advertising has been paralleled by basic changes in digital marketing industry and has reshaped the entire digital market.
With this increasing demand, I can visualize the future, where digital marketing consultation will take place around the world and is not going to be stagnant in next 10 years (at least).
2.  Brands without Cross-Device Digital Marketing Lagged Behind
Customers of today’s generation are engaging with brands in a number of ways. The increasing use of smart gadgets provided digital marketers with both challenges and opportunities. In a survey, it was found that 31% of customers who are using digital channels used multiple devices.
Cross-device targeting is going to be the top most priority for digital marketing in 2017. If an organization lacks cross-device digital marketing strategy, it will have a negative impact on ecommerce future. In short, cross device digital marketing allow companies to extend the reach of their campaigns like never before.  
3.  Increased Interest in Wearable Technology
There is a great increase in interest in wearable technology, and it is estimated that the demand of wearable gadgets will grow by 60% by end of 2017. Wearable technology is impacting the future of internet marketing.  People using these gadgets are engaged every minute, and this gives marketers a huge time frame to tap in and engage with them. 
Wearable gadgets are going to provide marketers with new information in real-time. Not only this, these gadgets will help digital marketers connect in a better way with consumers. With this insight, they get better understanding of how and when to engage with consumers, rather than placing unwanted ads. 
The fact is, wearable technology has become a new digital marketing trend, and if it continues the same way, it will become top priority for digital marketing consultants in coming years.
4.  Personalization is more Important
Personalization has become very important in digital marketing world, especially in the recent years.  It is the practice of providing a well-aligned customer experience. More and more digital marketing consultation service providers are planning to invest in personalization by adopting trigger-based messaging that bring great user engagement.
Driving conversions can be a daunting task, and this is where personalization comes to your rescue. Digital marketers are taking a step forward to know their customers in a better way by measuring how the target audience is behaving online.  If the customer is able to find information on your website easily, then we can say that there is a higher level of conversion.
5.  Location Based Advertising is New Trend
According to recent study, location based advertising is the most exciting marketing opportunity in 2016. Basically, it hinges around the fact that people carry mobile devices wherever they go and share their location data using different apps.
This gives digital marketers an opportunity to personalize their message to people depending on the location they are. This way, there are plenty of opportunities for companies to get much creative in terms of promoting their products and services.
Digital marketing consultants are playing a very important role in helping companies overcome the above challenges.  Take help of a digital marketing expert to develop a perfect strategy and train your marketing team.

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Comment by Dumaji Surve on October 19, 2016 at 5:18pm

According to research 2019 will be great period for Digital Marketing experts. As more companies have started to increase their annually budgets.

So it will be gold opportunities for one who one to enter digital marketing now.

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