3 Must-Have Add-On Skills of an All-rounder Digital Marketer

Conducting a whole group of musicians in front of the live audiences – a hard nut to crack indeed!

The job of an expert digital marketer is exactly the same. He needs adequate digital marketing skills of superior quality to instruct and lead a team successfully.

If you think about the skills required for digital marketing, you can easily identify that it’s tough to master every aspect of digital marketing. But, to become a specialist and to stay on top, you need to acquire and upgrade your skills frequently.

To get along with the flow of the recent market, you have to speed up your up-gradation. Limiting your knowledge and talents only to the core digital marketing skills, like Search Engine Optimization skills, SEM, social media, paid marketing, email marketing skills etc. are not going to be enough for a long time.

The modern-day internet marketing revolves with our browser's speed. To reach, interact and please the prospective customers, today's marketers need to grow their knowledge, techniques, attributes to another level. They need to continuously add-on new peripheral skills to their core digital marketing skills to stay ahead.

A digital marketer needs to be versatile! He needs to have knowledge of the whole segment - from content to designing, SEO to HTML. Whether you are a team player or a lone wolf, if you are a quality marketer, there are opportunities within digital marketing for you.

But what are the add-on skills you need to cultivate to make a fortune in digital marketing? (Must) Develop these additional digital marketing skills to become a superstar digital marketer.

Web Designing, HTML & Photoshop Skills

Digital marketers are neither designers nor the programing techies. Still for a good digital marketer knowing HTML is a plus and Photoshop knowledge is a must.

Digital marketers don’t design websites. But what if you are doing internet marketing for a business which has a website designed a decade ago? Certainly, that site will lack in many aspects of modern designing and marketing concepts. Unless you give your inputs to the designer to correct the design and user interface, how can you expect visitors to engage with the site and buy from it? Hence having a clear understanding of mobile and web designing is crucial for a digital marketer.

Knowing the few basic HTML codes will make the regular content development and editing process easier.

  1. Page Title: <title>Page Title goes here</title>
  2. Meta Description: <meta name=”description” content=”description text goes here” />
  3. Primary Heading: <h1>Primary content heading text goes here</h1>
  4. Image: <img src=”image path” alt=”key phrase” />
  5. Link: <a href=”hyperlink URL”>anchor text</a>
  6. Robots: <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex” />
  7. Canonicalization: <link rel=”canonical” href=”canonical URL” />

Knowing these 7 basic HTML codes may solve the purpose though building advanced HTML skills is on you.

Photoshop is another very important skill for digital marketers.

As a digital marketer, you know that an eye-catching creative work will attract more target audiences than fade contents. Photoshop helps you in setting a stunning frame. You can use that with a catchy tagline and post it to social media platforms to make that even more interactive and powerful for your brand.

40.5% marketers have said that they published 91% to 100% of their content contained visuals. With this fact it is not that difficult for us to assume the importance of visual content representation in internet marketing. Visual graphics, info-graphics, videos, GIFs are important tools of modern digital marketing. Having a good hold on Photoshop will not only get these jobs done but also bring you many appreciations from your employer and clients.

Today on the internet there are many online tools available which get similar results like Photoshop. Mastering those tools can be really important if you’re marketing an eCommerce business and its products.

Content Editorial Skill

Most probably even a digital marketing beginner knows the importance of contents in internet marketing. But most of the digital marketers think that content is not their part of the job. Instead of that, they think it is only the content writers who are solely responsible for contents, which is certainly wrong.

Being a digital marketer, you cannot count the content more than a draft which you get from the content writer. Content writers don’t understand optimization and marketing as you do. Therefore it’s your job to edit the content as many times as it needs to be completely optimized and publishable.

Additionally, if you don’t check content’s originality that can be a disaster for the company in long run. Sometime you may need to alter and format the content properly to make it more user-friendly.

Therefore developing your content editorial skills will earn you many extra benefits which will uplift your career to its next level.

Data Accumulation & Research Skills

Data research is certainly one of the most important skills today. The more crucial thing is that accumulating data alone cannot get the success; what you do with the data makes the difference.

Big data allows businesses to take more accurate and advanced strategic marketing decisions. With developing your data research skills, you will be able to understand your target audience better than ever.

There are two types of data always required in digital marketing. One, that you need to start the marketing and the other which you need to analyze the marketing. Unless you have both these data with you, your marketing is incomplete.

There are different sources and tools to accumulate and analyze data. Let’s consider keywords, one very crucial thing for entire online marketing. Until you know the sources to gather keywords and related data, it’s going to be impossible to start the SEO, SEM campaigns.

Being a digital marketer you must be very much equipped with using these tools every time you need. Not only this but also you must be always ready to learn new data research tools and their updated versions.

In certain cases, Google Operator Searches can help you a lot to jot down difficult data and statistics which are otherwise hard to find out. Sites like Pinterest, Slideshare are good for accumulating data for different internet marketing uses.


Building core digital marketing skills are an absolute must for all digital marketers. But additionally developing these auxiliary digital marketing skills will prove your ability to grow as an all-rounder internet marketer. To become a successful full-stack digital marketer, you must be always ready for opportunities to learn new things which will benefit your internet marketing career.

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