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Importance of Compliance in Business

Compliance from a business perspective refers to its operations within the boundaries of the laws of the land. Non-compliance with these regulations can land a company and its management team into legal trouble such as lawsuits, claims, investigations, penalties, fines and prosecutions on the basis of the severity of lapses.

Collapses of many businesses over the years were often due to non-compliance of both internal and external rules and regulations. Some of the more well-known and…


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Decoding MIS

Management Information System. Questions that might come to one’s mind could be what does it mean? How does it affect me? How does it help me?

So, let’s understand this using a real life example. Imagine you go to a grocery store and you have to go around and select the products on your own. The products are unsorted and not labeled. So you have to go through each shelf and product to find your items. However, in reality the stores are well sorted and aisles are there…


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Liquid funds VS Current account: Where to park your Surplus fund?

Parking your surplus money for a very short time-frame in liquid funds may seem like a good idea as they offer relatively better returns than a current account.

 Liquid schemes were the obvious choice for weekend parking. They used to generate significantly higher returns— around 7%—compared to 0% given by the current accounts. 

Liquid funds invest only in debt securities with a residual maturity of less than or equal to 91 days. The lower maturity mitigates interest rate risk,…


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Integrating OPcache to Improve PHP Application Performance

PHP, a web scripting language, offers you an incredible market penetration with the ability to develop powerful and interactive web applications. Being an open-source programming language backed up by a huge developers community across the world sharing solutions, PHP always remains the treasured choice for both developers and retailers. Another reason for its wider acceptance is an extended scope of customization, leading to scalability while offering a fair command over the… Continue

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