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5 must-have qualities for your accounting services provider

As entrepreneurs, we are always used to do multi-tasking, but when it comes to managing your accounts, it is best to engage with experts, as it can get very cumbersome and messy. Not complying with the regulations and even minor oversights can have serious consequences on a client’s business, including harsh penalties for your organization. Having said that, you do…


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Ways for SMEs to deal with compliance challenges

Companies need to operate and comply with the govt. tax regulations/frameworks in which they operate. For e.g. companies, depending on their size and nature of business may need to pay sales tax, VAT, Profession Tax, Provident Fund, Income Tax, Service tax etc. The rules and clauses pertaining to each are very detailed and can get quite…


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10 things to know about Baguio City

Baguio city ,located on the northern Luzon in the Philippines belongs to the Benguet province

geographically. The name of the city is derived from the word bagiw, the ibaloi word for ‘moss’ and

is known as the ‘City of pines’. Its lush green scenic environment provides for a beautiful and

pleasant vacation . Presenting the 10 things you need to know about Baguio city !

  1. Summers in the city are unusually cool and so is the ‘Summer capital of Philippines ‘…


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Is it back to the basics, where basics involve humans?

No matter how much success you're having, you can't continue working together if you can't communicate. Matt Cameron

Flipkart tells us the GMV (Gross Merchandise Value), another word for gross sales, is passe for them and that NPS or Net Promoter Score, again a metric for customer loyalty, is what they have always had their eye on.  I would tend to agree with them, but, only in the early days when any online…


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Is Sorry Better or a Thank You ?

For more videos visit:

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The More Lighter I am, The More Faster I am...

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Why Digital Marketing is necessary for your Business?

As per facts and sources, India is the fastest growing Nation when it comes to adding Internet user base year on year. It means that every year more and more people are getting online, be it from Rural Areas or Urban Areas. And when Billions of people are on the Internet which belong to different age groups, demographics, different income groups, have special interests, then there are very high chances that your target audience is hidden amongst them.…


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Why Does Your Startup Need Content Marketing?

Content Marketing for Startups

In today's digital world, traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective. Consumers are shuting off the traditional world of marketing. They ignore newspaper and…


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5 simple steps to get LinkedIn working for your business growth.

Leveraging LinkedIn for business growth needs to be an important part of your business strategy. While a lot of entrepreneurs create a profile, connect with people and are able to build a network, they don’t do much beyond. What’s the point of having a network that cannot help you in your business growth?…


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5 Factors To Look Out For Best SEO Company In Pune

The virtual marketplace that internet has been these days, tens of thousands of millions of websites flock the web. And to leave your mark on the first page of the search results in this competitive market is indeed a tough egg to crack. Just like the smart brain businesses who are taking resort to the professional SEO…


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How last mile delivery optimization is helping business to boost efficiency

E-Commerce has evolved drastically and almost all the companies around the world today have to participate in e-commerce activities. E-commerce is different than the normal shops on street. Because only physical touch point with the customer in e-commerce Is when you deliver in the product. All other touch points with the customers are mostly virtual.

Also in conventional business, last mile transactions from distributor to retailer are making huge differences to manage fleet of boys,…


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Cloud computing

Cloud computing is general term for the delivery of hosted services over the internet.

A cloud refers to a distinct…


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7 must-have collateral items for every small business

To remain competitive, you need to provide information about your company and your products/services to employees, investors, existing and potential clients on an ongoing basis. Your company’s success depends on how well you communicate what you have to offer. What’s Your Story?…


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