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Tools To Measure the Speed of Loading Your Website

Web Performance Optimization (WPO): Measure the Speed of Loading Your Website

The Web Performance Optimization (WPO) is a term to rise in recent years in order to improve and optimize the positioning of pages in the search results.

Everyone knows that one of the variables that has the greatest weight in Google’s results showing the loading speed of web pages. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more companies that want to optimize their presence in the search engines are investing in improving certain aspects of the programming…


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We are Providing complete Web and Graphics,Animation solution @ WebBee Technoology

Hello Everyone,

Let me introduce our new start-up company for Web & Animation Solution company based in Pune,Maharashtra,India.

We are having Web Design & Development & Animation solution Company in Pune with a creative team of web designers and experience developers. We do CMS website, E-commerce website, We also deal in SEO and Internet Marketing. We provide website with very efficient charges & with best service.…


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Choose Your Customers wisely : Marketing Strategy

The First Step to your Marketing Strategy Choosing Your Customers

It seems obvious, right? Each group of customers has a particular worldview, a number of problems, a small set of possible solutions available. Each client has a price you’re willing to pay, a story that they are willing to listen, a time period in which you are willing to invest, to solve your problem or to achieve what you want.

Yet very often, we take our product or service first, we tried to make it look perfect and then we launched. Sure the audience…


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A Web Page Builder

Creating a website with sheer perfection is not a matter of joke. We all need the patience and enough creative ideas to execute them on the web page while creating. Even 5 years ago, it was taboo when it comes to create your own website. Creating your own website means with the help of the best online website builder. But now, for the delaying of the web development companies people are concentrating on creating their…


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Social media - How Can It Benefit Your Business

Benefit behind Evolving Business to Social Media

1. Social media is not just a experimental platform, but in actually in real life its having its own importance and by using it we can tracked and measured.

-  Similar to it website analytic mainly come with most hosting accounts, there are many similar tools and many analytic applications which measure real-time activities with social networks such as Radian 6 , infegy social radar, scout labs and alterian.

-  There are some sites which will…


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Your Online Grocery Store

The Indian online community has recently witnessed a rise in the number of websites providing on-line stores for Clothes, Shoes, Jewellery and even Spectacles. Now grocery as well has been added to this list with the start of theOnline Grocery Store is an internet based Supermarket shopping and online grocery store site in Pune, Maharashtra, India. This website allows all users to purchase products from different…


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Lead Generation By Social Media Marketing

In the this article we have come up with the social media marketing and its types like “social media sites, social networking, media sharing and also micro blogging. As we know that business organizations, irrespective of their size, depends heavily on the Internet to reach out to the target audience and offer their products and services. 



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Tips To Create a Strong Presence in Social Media

How to Create a Strong Presence in Social Media

Social media and the different digital platform giving new opportunities for branding and find consumers’ collaboration in building the brand image.

Since direct interaction and real-time social networks offer, to the articles published in a blog that encourage feedback from the audience, many resources that social media marketing available to brands.

However, building a strong brand presence in social networks is not easy on the road and can commit various…


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Microsoft CRM For Future and Existing Customers Business Tracking


In today’s cut-throat competitive environment, where every business is looking to outwit one another, it becomes imperative to keep track of every minor detail.  Every customer is important and a business can run efficiently only if it knows how to sustain and forge long term relationships. Many corporate houses now employ the services of a robust CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that supervises and manages…


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Try these 3 quick tips for improving your Website

Today many companies have a website to complement their marketing strategy. However, not enough to have a website to increase the number of sales in a business.

For the strategy to work in digital media, it must draw on all SEO tools.

Avoid Flash content

The animations developed in Flash let you capture the user’s attention; however, you must create a balance between entertainment and content. The information is important for your site, do not…


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Know about your Loyal Readers

A blog unless you have good plan defined content often becomes a sort of grab-bag where some days you talk about some things and others days of others, even of the same subject, they are totally different from each other.

Not the first time I’m waiting for the publication of a post of some of my favorite blogs and I’m slightly disappointed that the issue is that day on the blog does not interest me too much. Face it much before, it is impossible for our items like…


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