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My first ever Rajmachi ride!

Riding has always been fun. Till now I was riding alone to places nearby.This was my first ride with Roadshakers (This is a club of Royal Enfield riders in Pune and now even I am a part of it) and my first night ride ever! Which place? It is a place called Rajmachi situated in the rugged mountains of Sahyadri. I have never ridden with…


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Easily Build Mobile Apps to Automate Your Small Business Activities

Building mobile apps is as easy as creating spreadsheet. (Just drag & drop, no coding required) www.axonator.com 

Register today for Beta today. 

Right click on image below and open in new tab to view the drag and drop.…


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7 Techniques to Successfully Growth Hack Your Apps

growth hacker.jpg   

Growth Hacking is the Junction where Engineering and Marketing meet. And Heavens, it is indeed revolutionising the App market today. In this post, we are providing a lean and robust framework to contrive this junction to increase app downloads.

1. Coupons as Incentives for new downloads.


“We are glad that you have downloaded our…


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5 signs that you have the right outsourcing partner

As more businesses move to mobility and more new ideas get launched with app first strategy, app building companies are hustling everywhere and are having irons in the fire now. Finding the right fish to outsource in this sea of companies is an immense challenge.

Here are the 5 Signs to know that you have the right Partner!

1. Having apps with more than 100,000 download!



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5 ways to make math learning interesting for the child

Being a parent is not a walk in the park, especially if you are a parent of a growing child who has just started learning math. Parents have to instill the love for mathematics in children, as it is indeed necessary. Making the child understand the importance of mathematics in the early age is very crucial. Certainly, parents need to learn the knack of teaching mathematics to their children. As a parent, I have figured out certain ways to…


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How to make children interested in math

Math plays a vital role in day to day life, be it any profession – computer programming, chartered

accountant, fashion designer, engineering or architecture. Even a chef needs math in his kitchen. Many

individuals say that they never scored well in math, but one’s disinterest in the subject should not be

communicated to the …


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10 Crucial SEO Tips for Ecommerce site

How can you sell anything if customers can't find you? SEO, which is short for Search Engine Optimization, is really important for your ecommerce store. In a nut shell, SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website or online store in search engines. Why is that important? Because the higher you rank in search engines, the more traffic and potential customers get driven to your store.

There is no one size fits all strategy for SEO, and online store owners need to carefully…


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Planning Farewell Party for a Colleague

A farewell is the celebration of the end of a journey and start of another one. Giving farewell to a colleague can be cumbersome as you may or may not like the person yet necessary as it’s a social norm. A lot of things have to be kept in mind while arranging the farewell. If the farewell is for a person who is retiring then it should be such that it…


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