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Alert   -   This is a long one so pardon me if I overstretched with my words and thoughts. But idea was to to justice to the thoughts and all I had were words.





Why I should be writing this ?

May be the IDEA of the firm will be just an idea and will die a slow death with me. But an Idea can never die , may be it won't…


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Online LED Display : Proven Business for Take Over



I wish to offer following - (Product / System photographs attached). If you could refer interested party, pl. let me know.


Business For Immediate Take Over– with / without my involvement   REFER ATTACHMENT

Online LED Display Systems: Technical Know-how with Material

Support to establish independent…


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Rich Dad Poor Dad - An Eye Opener

Reading Rich Dad Poor Dad Again, I just remembered & realized again about Asset and Liability. 


An Asset is something that will pay you back, by producing income.

A Liability is something that will cost you money, by causing expenditures.


And if we see, What do the middle class buy on PayDay? - Right- more and more Liabilities.…


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How to write Corporate Blogs that work


What is a corporate blog?

Corporate blogs are weblogs written by companies and enterprises. They can be a separate blog, or can be incorporated in the corporate website.

That’s fine, but why should I have a blog for my company?

Corporate blog is a useful weapon in your marketing arsenal. The main advantage of having a corporate blog is that its content can be updated frequently, even on a daily basis. This helps in the SEO…


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Website Content - Back to Basics

Let us start our discussion about different types of content with Website Content. Since it is a huge topic that can’t be covered in a single post, I will do a series on it.

Today’s topic of discussion – Basics of Website Content

In this Internet Age, your website is the first point of contact between you and your prospective client. It creates the first impression about you, your company, and your brand. It is a crucial element of your company’s marketing plan. Your… Continue

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