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Three Ways to Utilize Your Office Space in the New Normal

The pandemic has disrupted the world economy, business and even the way we work. While work from home was a temporary makeshift solution to curb the spread, there is no denying that it is not the future of work. Remote working, not only multiplies working hours, it also brings forth a feeling of isolation owing to the lack of communications and shared experiences between colleagues. Home offices do not provide the necessary infrastructural and technological…


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Little known facts about the financial impact of Covid-19 and why they matter to India!

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Outbreak of Covid-19 is unprecedented shock to the not only the Indian but also global economy. It has impact on health and…


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Can Indian MSMEs survive the Covid-19 pandemic?

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Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have held the economy of India strong and sturdy during the times of…


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Gully Boy – A classic guide to first generation entrepreneurs

Recently we watched the Gully Boy Hindi movie[i] again and couldn’t stop ourselves from comparing it with the first-generation entrepreneurs. This is our attempt in correlating it, if you like the correlation, the credit goes to the movie makers and if you don’t like the correlation, you can…


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Importance of Compliance in Business

Compliance from a business perspective refers to its operations within the boundaries of the laws of the land. Non-compliance with these regulations can land a company and its management team into legal trouble such as lawsuits, claims, investigations, penalties, fines and prosecutions on the basis of the severity of lapses.

Collapses of many businesses over the years were often due to non-compliance of both internal and external rules and regulations. Some of the more well-known and…


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Decoding MIS

Management Information System. Questions that might come to one’s mind could be what does it mean? How does it affect me? How does it help me?

So, let’s understand this using a real life example. Imagine you go to a grocery store and you have to go around and select the products on your own. The products are unsorted and not labeled. So you have to go through each shelf and product to find your items. However, in reality the stores are well sorted and aisles are there…


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Liquid funds VS Current account: Where to park your Surplus fund?

Parking your surplus money for a very short time-frame in liquid funds may seem like a good idea as they offer relatively better returns than a current account.

 Liquid schemes were the obvious choice for weekend parking. They used to generate significantly higher returns— around 7%—compared to 0% given by the current accounts. 

Liquid funds invest only in debt securities with a residual maturity of less than or equal to 91 days. The lower maturity mitigates interest rate risk,…


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Integrating OPcache to Improve PHP Application Performance

PHP, a web scripting language, offers you an incredible market penetration with the ability to develop powerful and interactive web applications. Being an open-source programming language backed up by a huge developers community across the world sharing solutions, PHP always remains the treasured choice for both developers and retailers. Another reason for its wider acceptance is an extended scope of customization, leading to scalability while offering a fair command over the… Continue

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Proven Ways To Create Managed Linking Structure To Enhance Your SEO

The high points and low points in the realm of digital marketing showcasing have constantly involved the advertisers looking for something profitable. Right now, all the attention is on enhancing the stuff for clients and overlooking the generosity of SEO can make you encountered with the defeat in the outcomes. It should always be kept in mind that On-Page SEO and Off-Page…


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The 7 Biggest Threats to Your Online Business

To grow your business via the internet is unbelievably prevalent because this process is very easy to go with. Online business strategy requires less amount to manage the business globally. With the help of a simple WordPress theme, you can create a website for your business. Plus you can get endless production in a sense of potential…


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5 reasons why should you maintain Financial Hygiene in your business

Financial Hygiene is nothing but accurate and timely financial statements for any Organization. The main financial statements are Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss Statement and Cash Flow statements. Profit & Loss statements should reflect profit before depreciation & interest, profit before and after tax which matters a lot to the management, shareholders and external stake holders to understand the financial position of the company.…


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Power ahead with your team of intrapreneurs

“Intrapreneurship” is a term that has been around for a while now. In fact, in an interview in 1985, Steve Jobs is quoted as saying, “The Macintosh team was what is commonly known as intrapreneurship; only a few years before the term was coined — a group of people going, in essence, back to the garage, but in a large company."

One of the common challenges many small and medium sized enterprises face is that of people. Employers remain unhappy with the level of productivity of their…


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T & C = Trust & Credibility

For enterprises to grow, Trust and Credibility are essential. It is the foundation of business that creates the environment to thrive. Below are 7 simple and essential practices to build trust and credibility in your organization with internal and external stakeholders.

1. Pay your Employees, Vendors and Creditors on time.



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Achieve Complete Digital Transformation with HTML to PDF Conversion

Most of the businesses are going through digital transformation. Digital transformation is a need of today’s world. In order to gain success, it is very important to switch to a digital system. Whether you are a developer, product manager, IT Admin, CIO, CTO, or CEO; you should know this fact that digital transformation does not mean just only moving…


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The Benefits of Investing in Office Product for Business

If you own a business, you know how costly healthcare and worker’s compensation claims can be. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate risk in some work environments, you can make choices that greatly minimize the likelihood of accidents occurring and keep your employees safe and healthy. One of the most important things you should consider is the role of ergonomics in your workplace. Lots of people underestimate the importance of ergonomics, but taking the time to increase ergonomics…


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Effective Presentation: Tips for PowerPoint Presentation Designing

Because even the most unpracticed creators would now be able to make their own realistic structures online doesn't mean your very own made plan needs to look similarly amateurish. Many wrongly think that introduction style is tied in with getting imaginative and has little to do with imparting a message adequately. At the point when truth be told, visual plan shouldn't simply be constrained to looks yet should likewise consider the style in which data is introduced.

For an…


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Design Thinking – Gateway for creating a Culture of Innovation in an organisation

Before we look at what Design thinking means, let us look at some definitions to get a clear understanding on some terms that are commonly used in the industry linked to innovation. All these terms are interchangeably used within organisations in many ways

“Idea”  An idea is a creative thought to build something new for a need / challenge / problem.

“Invention”  A creative…


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Fungicides Market Size Estimation, Leading Companies, Analysis and Forecast to 2023

Fungicides are a class of pesticides, which primarily consists of biological organisms or chemical compounds. They are widely used in the agricultural segment, which help to restrict the fungal diseases by inhibiting or killing the fungus responsible for the crop disease. The most commonly used active ingredient for fungicides preparation is sulfur. The most common chemical fungicides available in market includes: Dithiocarbamates, Phenylamides, Benzimidazoles, Triazoles, Chloronitriles,…


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Relaxation of additional fees & extension of last date of Annual Filing Forms for 2018 (AOC-4 and MGT-7)

Hello All ,

I wish to bring to your kind attention that  Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has extended the date of filing of  Annual Filing Forms (AOC-4- Filing of Financial statements viz., Balancesheet & Profit & loss Account  & MGT-7 - Filing of Annual Return) without  any additional fees upto 31.12.2018.

All existing Companies (whether small or large, listed or unlisted )need to comply with this…


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