Signature mismatch problem requires serious consideration as signature gets registered once at the opening of the relationship which creates problem later on  when we submit written request for any sort of action on that related investment, after years of opening the relationship.
When signature differs due to vernacular/ short/ full signature then mismatch is valid otherwise style, pattern or strokes are vital point as  100% signature cannot match if any one puts ten signatures at a time.  Moreover there are other reasons too where signature may differ slightly such as poor health, age factor etc. but style will always remain same. Hence to minimise this problem few suggested steps are
1] Signature style, pattern or strokes must be considered before declaring mismatch particularly in senior aged person's case.
2] If a person presents himself in person and put his recorded signature before the representative of the authority then the same should be accepted without any question i.e. mismatch question should not be raised which in turn provide relief to genuine investors, customers, applicants particularly senior aged persons in long term.
Hence practical approach to this problem is required to be followed as suggested above - which can only be possible if present regime issues suitable guidelines to all sections after due consideration to this problem.
Please forward this to all your known parliamentarians / authorities [ posted at RBI, SEBI, IRDA etc.etc.] so that it gets serious consideration I trust you all will agree with these view points and initiate whatever possible at your end so that it gets implemented at the earliest.
It is opined that this problem requires immediate attention.
G D Binani

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Did you ever experience this problem at any place where signature was important? The reason I ask you this is I have never come across such a problem till date. Is this a real problem at all? 

Not only my self experienced this problem but there are others too who conveyed me their experience


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