Kitchen is a very important part in any food Startup. Thus making kitchen system in place and standardisation is necessary while scaling up. It would be of great help to get some tips and guidance on how to standardise the backend kitchen and logistics system.

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You should follow faasos on this. They are actually doing a very good job. I was amazed with Jaydeep and his pitch, watch it out here ==>

What I have learned is, Process Automation is important. From taking the order to giving it to the kitchen and preparing it. Imagine you have 200 customers coming in, each customer takes 2 min to get the order, and 1 min to shift that order from you to your kitchen, which means you are losing 200 Min/Day or  3.5 hours on average.

To identify which process can be optimized. I would be interested to know more about the startup, model and how you plan to tackle. 



Rohan, I have been a restauranteur for the past 10 yrs. Do connect with me at, i might be able to guide you.



first of all food quality is very important and then people look atmosphere, So I suggest you to make your shop creative.

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