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This will take 10 minutes of your time, however if you are interested to learn about an entrepreneurial dream, an opportunity, do read!

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In 2015, I had registered a company named "Around Love & Life" aka ALL as a LLP with myself and another friend as partners. Those days, we wanted to setup a company which could be different than others in terms of its economic thinking and values. We have been made to believe since a long time through economics and global systems - to maximise profits and minimise resources - eventually leading to become "bigger" company.

What if a company could be a real friend to not just customers, but an entire ecosystem - which I really mean, a genuine friend?! We visualised everything under ALL, a company which could decentralise work to establish cottage industries at possible levels and generate local businesses along with jobs - and still earn a profit ! It could be possible to imagine all kinds of businesses (in longer run) working on the format of 'welfare profiting', be it Technology, content, Food processing or Travel.

On top of that, the integrating the idea of "giving", not for 'fashionable' marketing CSR, but to really build a support architecture for vast parts of rural and semi-rural India and reach out to those forgotten social heroes living silently within. Also, supporting their ideas and projects equally without using English as a language barrier, to allow them to participate at par. We did begin with such a model of fellowship already in the past 1.5 months now, and the model is being tested. However the idea of the company to contribute upto 40% of its NET PROFITS still remains a dream. ALL is always visualised to go deeper and work with a 'social heart' and a 'business mind' to not just SERVE but create enabling atmosphere to let people participate better in their local economies and build it up themselves.

The whole model is open to someone who is ready to JUMP IN (and not come with too much risk analysis) - that's who I would call an entrepreneur. Honestly there is no functional business at this stage, however there are ample of connections, resources and help available at all stages. We just have to make it work together. ALL is about a thought and not just a company to mine profits and distribute amongst it shareholders. It wishes to rise and become big, not as a standalone - but as an entity supported largely by the society.

Through this post, I invite fellow individuals who are interested, have a philosophical understanding of my ideas, can think diverse, act like a pillar and also go-getters (independent), to explore this more with me and see if we can possibly have a common understanding. I am not immediately seeking someone who comes with a salary expectation or is interested in merely a job/employment. Do not HESITATE to connect even if you are presently engaged into something but would like to jump over. Alternatively, you can also connect someone closely known to you - over this post.


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