Why Would a Malicious Hacker Target Your WordPress?

WordPress, the most commonly used open source platform used in the world. By a recent data published by Google, 74.6 million websites are running on WordPress and per month 37 million keywords are searches related to WordPress. In today's corporate world WordPress is easy to maintain and because of it has a CMS based system so most of the developer used it for blogging and it does not want to write heavy code to build a website. If you are new to blogging or website making and managing then you must have been heard about WordPress. It is a bitter truth of the society that where traffic goes, criminals target is also chasing them. And they want to grab them. In a recent time, many studies and surveys say that hackers are targeting most to the WordPress website because of its vulnerability and FBI also given a warning to the developer, ISIS targeting WordPress sites too.

After protecting, hackers target our website. So I am giving you some tips that will help you to secure your website. Because of WordPress is an open source platform everyone wants to make a profit of it. Usually, it contains three parts:- first the main thing coding, second is your themes and the last but not least is your plugins. These components combinedly make your website complete. To secure your website, you have to maintain these all things. So that malicious hackers cannot damage your website. We will discuss this topic in detail below.

The first part of website management is coding and this is one of the best parts of your website. Coding is the part you install on WordPress and it works for you like a miracle and prepares your website. Always use an updated version of WordPress and never log in from a public server. When we talk about the second part that is themes. Themes determine that how your websites look and website looks are very important so more user can attract towards it. You have to use always paid themes and never use single page WordPress themes. WordPress single page themes are very weak from a security point of view and hacker can easily target it. The third part is plugins which extend WordPress in interesting ways. Like themes, always use paid plugins which will be more reliable for your website. These are the major factors that can protect your website from malicious hackers.

Apart from that some minor things you have to keep in mind like always clean your server, never log in from the public domain, manage your user's data, always update your website and WordPress. These small things help you a lot. But it can not be denied, in the world of full of the internet, there is some good coder who work on it and some bad coders who want to ruin it. So always keep safe your website.

In the end, I will say to you WordPress can be a very safe platform until you managed it regularly and keep an eye on it. Today there are many platforms available and anyone can be targetted. Because every platform has their pros and cons. So whichever platform you choose, always keep it updated.

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