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This is not the blog, i m writing to promote my business or sumthing else. Since last some days , my inner self is making me realise and making me uncomfortable , consistently. Its the restlessness i m going through. The messages we generally get through movies like Swades, Mi Shivaji Raje Bhosale Boltoy,,and similars,,,,,,we take it as just entertainment.

These movies are so thought provoking ,,, to open our eyes and mind , add some leadership vitamin in us. I have seen these movies minimum 3-4 times in the multiplexes,,not to just get entertained,,,,but to watch the facial expressions of the people coming out. A good communication means, message sent , received and then replied in a stipulated time frame. But its not seen here.

The faces came out of the movie hall, either only entertained or worried for there usual regular life , like pay hike, recession, personal issues, parking problems, EMIs and such momentary issues.

I think, our social responsibilities can not be mixed and should not be mixed. After reading the books on such social leaders like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Shivaji Maharaj, Mahatma Gandhi...Samrath Ramdas Swami,,,i have realized that the difference is in thinking. The amount of time and interest they give to create a better world , may be to start with around them, and later their deeds and courage and skills make them think about national and worldly changes. They all who created history ,,,believed on this thot that , they can and at that they are the only one who can handle , manage and create,,,,and thats what is vision is all about.

But here, we spend most of the time in thinking about our own /personal issues , and just comment or give our most valuable opinion on the matters , just after reading in the newspapers ,,,or without knowing about those matters. Really,,we praise those all as real Leaders ,but never try to think like them.

I think we should try and really try to think like them whom we praise,,,consider as our leaders. We cant manage the profile assigned to us in the office and for each & every extra work we very arrogantly say, his is Not In My profile,,,or i m not responsible. What if Mr Obama, Dr. Manmohan Singh ,kind people give such statement ? We will not digest and this could create problems to there government.

We teach leadership in MBA colleges,,,but its always doubtful,,,that our of that classroom size of 60-80,,a single will come out or not,,,in life. As we have ancestral habit of becoming a labour or a good servant.

Mindset ,,the only thing that separate them from others. Whatever i have written ,,,is not actuating to any particular community ,,but to everybody,,,,

We can think but we dont want,...and whatever we think , we just think about ourselves only...

We need leaders,,,at every stage of life,,,,But what makes a leader , is realization and a different mind which think differently......

Comments Welcome,,,,,Thanks ,,,Niraj Jawanjal ( 09860202302 / )

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Comment by ASHISH on June 7, 2009 at 7:38pm
i went through your post... you talked about the mindset and thinking model which most of us have developed.... i believe one of the main reasons for all this is the present social culture which we have developed.... such mindset is not something which has developed instantaneously....right from the childhood what we are taught at schools and from our parents is to focus on such things which are no where related to thinking about a larger cause... so right from the starting we shelve our any point of time even if you try and initiate something you first begin to evaluate that what is in there for you... right from this point the problem starts and the leader inside changes his path...

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