Who Is An Entrepreneur ? Struggling Yet Joyful Business Owner .

'Entrepreneur' is quite a knotty term , isn't it ? Big guns who spell ideas are ,thick and fast treated as entrepreneurs in the business arena. . Those who second ; entrepreneurship is a term that's catching up flashingly , are till blue in the face keep a close watch on the major developments in the start-up environment Many of us dream of snooping into an entrepreneurs life and are thrown off guard , when we get a chance to do so . Start-up owners are contemplated to run several ventures parallely ; all auto steered ; all auto led , while the fortunate boss cozily sits himself in a fully air-conditioned ,glass cabin.Enjoying his well – wished CD's and gaming DVD's ,they are rumored to attend few phone call yet generate millions everyday. With hundred of employees reporting to these mucho men ; their job gets done in a fraction of second . Entrepreneurs joyride in fancy cars ;has access to all the upscale clubs in the town .When they are real turned-off they ring-up their fancy pals and meet them over a chilled beer .Often overheard discussing the TV series or Movies they intend to produce down the line ; these successful bunch are out of their office by 5 pm .

Their 6 ft tall girlfriend ; a well – known face in the glamour world , is seen accompanying them on several occasions .This further , tots up the sophistication of these business geeks. Quite a stroke of luck , we often dream of ; isn't it ? However the unvarnished truth is poles apart from the tale just narrated here ! Sure -enough ,entrepreneurs do run several businesses parallely and their innovation is their first love .He does hangout with some popular buddies ; he has known since his college days ,at a local coffee joint . But life is not as picturesque and advantageous as talked into earlier . Being an entrepreneur is indeed a hard nut to crack and to top it all , being a first generation entrepreneur is like a burden you are carrying . It wont be out of line to cite albeit the entrepreneurship spirit is on great rise ,condition of start-ups in the country still remains to be pathetic. Even with booming globalization and several venture capitalists preferring Indian market ,the place does not have much to offer. For first generation entrepreneurs its real tough as big guys don't allow them to develop . When small time start-ups try to pitch their solutions or competencies to the the big giants they are conveyed ; the brand is already associated with top ten agencies of the country.

Distinctively in the service industry brands don't take any interest in beginners as they hate risking it with them. After great tussle ; even if a new entrant backs a project they don't get paid at times and often find themselves admist heap of outstanding statements that piles up day after day ; month after month. With all these and big companies catering to similar businesses ; start-ups often fail to generate promising businesses , for the next few years . It only drains , drains and drains ! To few these geeks might look like few brave men while some don't even waste time to call them fools . Despite of such situations many start-ups have set an example ; that if beginners stick to their plans for years the ventures will get better and better and hopefully quite larger . Albeit not successful but entrepreneurs are definitely not failures . .Every day is a new challenge for an entrepreneur and a new struggle .You name any big entrepreneur like Steve Jobs , Richard Branson etc all have gone through the same phase .They were at the peek , they had lost everything once yet they fought back True entrepreneur is someone ,who is never bothered about ,how much they have in their account today . Every day is a new fight; a new struggle and that's their adrenaline ; that's their boost .

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Comment by rajan on February 13, 2016 at 5:37pm
hi bawna . i am rajan from punjab ,going to startup in medical field , will u help me by givinfg suggestions
Comment by Bawna Rath on December 11, 2014 at 2:19pm

Thank you 'Ankush ' , its always nice to see ; my contents being liked and related to . 

Comment by Ankush Kumkar on December 11, 2014 at 2:08pm
very true and nice to be written thanks :)

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