What Is Not True For Google In SEO Strategy?

Many of the Google strategy that worked previously, now no longer apply. Therefore, in post today, the there are awake the past five tactics you need to remove your positioning strategy with search engines. It got to the point where even non-SEOs noticed that SERPs for myriad keywords were riddled with results that had anemic content. Even worse, several results were so bad that the content they had bordered on the irrelevant

1. Anchor Text unnatural

Now do not get too many links that show unnatural. Before it was a matter of quantity, now what Google rewards the quality. Therefore, your links should be counted and really in line with your brand pages, products and / or services. In this aspect, do not repeat the same keywords always, because this once again shows unnaturally.

2. Poor Contents

There is much wrong with the web content. For example, links to articles written for the exclusively purpose of generating links. Continue this tactic and it also now be careful if you are still being implemented today because detecting poor content on the web is easy.

So now what is Google rewards quality content that provides value to the reader.

3. Exact Match Domains

This tactic is practically new. At the end of this September, Matt Cutts, the head of the search engine Google; he announced an upcoming change to seduce algorithm low quality domains matching exact keyword results.

Domain names include containing exact keywords of a website. So the domains sold for much money before. For example, according Domaining.com, sex.com domain name is the best-selling in history. Now all of these offers may seem all a waste of money. That is why Google wants to end the Domain exact match. Now, having domains that are in your URL some of these keywords, and it will not help anything.

4. Footer Links

Search engines do not allow themselves to be fooled by such measures. So be deleted from your list too extensive links of interest on your website or hidden links between your pages.

5. Directory Articles

Years ago this was a barbaric strategy to reap links. Now, a site that accepts any items with poor content, is devaluing the entire website.  Now, you must publish your articles in specialized and authorized sites linked to the bloggers. To those who say that the penguin Google is pass, care, because the penguin is still giving and will give more surprises.

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