What Google considers the most on LOCAL search ?

Premise : Google Local Search

Please understand , that I am talking About Google Local Businesses. So an example we ran through to study exactly how the Google Algorithm might be really working. Every time, I get something else. But some conclusions I drew from a case study I did, here are some results & summary :-

The situation :-

We are taking certain dedicated, systematic digital marketing efforts for a Local Small Business. We decided that we will check the Ranking, where it stands on Local Search after 15 days. Earlier , with Local search Term Like "Educational Institutes in Pune" it ranked :-

Page 2 , Result No (in all) 26. (The numbers are hypothetical)

We had setup a Goal to improve its ranking (whether it can really in 15 days!) at least by a few positions, say to result no.1 (which is the last position, but on page no.1). We went through the test & found out that there is no change in the positions.

The Institute has a fairly good standing in the market, rated well, reviewed by many,and the review score almost 4.6 + and total 80 + reviews. It was very good compared to all other local players. Then still why this lag ? I found out certain things based on the actions we took :-

Findings , Suggestions from the results :-

1. Name your GMB Page with your Business category inserted into that. e.g. If you have a Fashion Design Boutique , named "Paris Creations" , the GMB page might spell like : "Paris fashion design boutique" The text which is Bold is the category which Google understands. Changing the name of the GMB page is not going to change your Bank Account Name, don't worry ! It's just for Online Lead Generation. The organic way!

2. Very important to insert your Category on Google My Business. If not exact (we don't have a choice there) , please select the nearest category.

3. There are new things like Posts Creation features in GMB now. Don't underestimate those. Insert category Keywords necessarily into the titles & other descriptions of them. We studied this. The type of course, on which there were no reviews offered a 1st position to this institute, just due to insertion of the category keywords into the content.

4. In reviews , mention the category keywords. Agreed , we can't control what the reviewer says; but we can frame the reply, isn't it ? While replying , instead of just saying :-

"Thanks Neha for the inspiring review" ; better say like this :-

"Thanks Neha for your inspiring review, thanks for choosing Paris fashion design boutique."

Going further,you can also suggest your reviewer to insert something like this "I'd highly recommend Paris fashion design boutique as one of the best fashion designers in {city}"

5. Please don't type out the same responses again and again. It looks SPAMMY to search engines. Use different words except the Category Words. About these Category Words , you can change their position, places etc. Instead of 

fashion design boutique as one of the best fashion designers in {city}, it can be 

"{City}'s best Fashion designers : Paris Fashion Design"

Again, keep it natural, don't repeat like a procedure. We are taking the actions first & making them easy to find. Don't write Content for Search Engines.

6. We found out that Google gives most importance to 3 factors :-

Relevance ... accuracy of the search query

Prominence ... Popularity of the Business Offline

Nearness ... How near is the business from search Computer's GPS location.

Sometimes if Google doesn't find Prominent Business in the area , it gives weight to the Nearness Factor. But Relevance is the Top Factor, no doubts.

Hope this whole thing helps you in ranking your Local Business higher on Google. Best Luck !

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