What are the most common materials used for 3D printing?

Here's also a list of typical 3D printing materials: vexma technologies - 3d printing india

  • It shows that 3D printing in plastic (thought it is still the most popular material) is not the only 'material family' that 3D printers can use.
  • Typically 3D printing is also possible in metals: steel, titanium gold, silver, brass, or bronze. However, precious metals normally still get casted (so the real 3D print is based on wax).
  • This also shows that more and more news material pop up. Lately they added 3D printed copper and wood to their portfolio.
  • Quality of 3D printing materials still differs. 3D printed wood is in no way comparable with the strength of real wood. However, steel and titanium printed parts have 85% of the strength of regular steel and titanium objects.

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