Website Content – Part 2 – New Realities of the Internet

The web has evolved. The content has to evolve accordingly. To develop good content for your website, you have to be aware of the new realities of the Internet. While developing your content, keep in mind the following points:

  • People Talk:

The Internet is no longer a place of people buying; it is a place of people talking. People do not want to be patronized and impressed. They want to participate and have a say in your product. They want to discuss, praise, and trash your product, depending on its quality. You can inform, educate or suggest; not patronize or persuade. It just doesn’t work anymore.

  • Humanity Rules:

It is important to remember that there is an actual person reading whatever you write on your website. Your content must be able to strike a chord with her. You cannot drone on and on in corporate gibberish. Your website needs to have a human voice.

  • Gender inequality:

The gender bias has tilted in the opposite direction now. Earlier, in print, the male pronoun was commonly used (“You should write for him”). Now you will find either no gender-biased pronouns (that is, use theythem, and the like), or female pronouns (“She will have to understand it”).

The era of mass marketing is almost over. The netizens are now getting clubbed into focused groups, depending on areas of interests. This segregation may be varied with regards to age, gender, and location. You need to identify your target audience carefully and market your product to them specifically. Do not try to please everyone – focus on your target audience.

  • Rules of Language:

The former rules of language are no longer applicable while writing for the Internet. This gives you permission to make your own rules, experiment, and stand out. Try writing headlines in all small letters (eg. Gapingvoid). Or try a new voice, a new persona. Just make sure it doesn’t hurt your brand.

  • Transparency and authenticity:

The people using the Internet have become smart and educated. They can now see through the deceitful means and fluffy words that marketers use while marketing their products. It doesn’t work on the web anymore. To gain the attention and trust of your target audience, let your product be authentic and your transaction transparent. That is the only sure-shot way to survive on the internet. Remember, the content can make or break your online reputation.

Am I missing any point? Do you have any other tips to share? Feel free to comment below..



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