Web Design Usability Statistics [Infographic]

Since the past decade, web design has evolved from plain text centric web pages to fast loading, visually dispersed and responsive web designs. It’s no surprise that those websites which ignore to adapt with the latest trends fail to get the attention, compared to a well optimized website that abides the criteria for top Search engines. The prime factor in this criteria is user experience or UX. If the web design lacks any elements that contribute in a smooth and user-friendly experience, then it’s like to be sidelined by Google.

Latest statistics dictate that 70% of small business websites lack proper CTA on their web pages. Without call to actions strategically disposed in the web design, the website cannot invite the user to convert. Similarly, 85 % of visitors expect the mobile version of the website to be far better and more user friendly compared to the desktop version. This indicates the significance of a well optimized mobile ready website to tap those online visitors that use smart phones and other hand held devices.

The statistics also showed evidence that online users prefer reading a well balanced and attractively designed website than plain text in a given time span of 15 minutes. It emphasizes on the presence of visual content in a web design with regards to how the users prefer it against bland text.

More statistics on web design usability are elegantly shown in the infographic below compiled & designed by GO-Gulf Dubai Web Designing Company.

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