We Hear Often Products Fail To Succeed - Why ?

Entrepreneurs are always grossed out by a downer news ; but this is a melancholy truth !Most ventures go downhill , many products in matter-of - course go up in smoke. More absorbing count is after all not the growing non-success ration but that most entrepreneurs who actually cherish their gains acknowledge having accessed a dynamic plans along the way . This clearly denotes ; what usually differentiates a progressive start-up from those that go down swinging ; is not always laying the foundation with a higher quality stratagem, but identifying a plan that functions before all resources are consumed . Going lean means accessing well -ordered practices from your parent business plan to a an arrangement that works before you loose out on your resources. Creating innovative products have always been quite a challenge . There is a mistaken belief on how lucrative concepts are build . Media scouts for materials on dreamers who purview the forthcoming prospects and sketch a fine road-map . One of the great idealist of our decade is ; Richard Branson .But yet the unfolding of Virgin Galactic , Virgin Holidays , Virgin Airlines and more ; in Richard Bransons words involved several attempts in the making and lots of downfalls along the journey ; not to forget the recent Virgin Galactic crash .
Super-structuring a product often seems difficult with product development often getting in its way. This is quite an encounter by the designing process as ; the prime expectation from a start- up is to develop a revolutionary product.However most idea fail not because they develop what we want to develop ; because they mostly loose out on tapping the potential customers for the product. Time -honored development approach offers little importance to their market and consumers at the front end i,e while designing the product but most at the extreme end, after its launch. There is huge gap at the center where the potential consumer is completely left out ; for a greater period while the actual solution is being designed and tested . It is during this period that start-ups include too much or too less features and often deviate and construct a wrong solution . Entrepreneurs give much heed to listening to customer but in reality they fail to address what consumers actually require. Its crucial to listen to your buyers or users . Interpreting even further is why many solutions fail to make its mark is because the developers waste their energy , time as well as money on working on the wrong product . As traction is associated to consumer engagement , its quite logical not to initiate with the investors but with potential consumers.
So what does buyers actually expect ? When customers spot your products they are not really bothered about the solutions . Buyers don't just wake-up one fine day and demand cloud based application or a steaming programming language . They purchase products to resolve the underlying problems they frequently encounter. Of-course the way you explain the product is of prime importance ,though ! The manner you communicate about an issue is not via the solution but rather by designing a brand new value proposition ;that's unique . The pinch of parting with one's hard earned money always haunts a customer .Therefore the weight of your promise has to back your product price .Its crucial to cite that currency exchange , may not be in the form of money but others aspects like consumer involvement or attention.

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Comment by Ganesh Gawali on November 29, 2014 at 1:39am

Yep.I would love it.

Comment by Bawna Rath on November 29, 2014 at 1:35am

Thanks for your priceless comment Ganesh ! Apart from posting more blog articles here I would surely email few of my articles on Entrepreneurship .

Comment by Ganesh Gawali on November 29, 2014 at 1:25am

Nice and significant thoughts.Best is "The way you explain the product to customers".

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