What is my market worth?

One question that even the most satisfied of us can’t ignore at times. Whether you are negotiating your annual appraisal or interviewing for a new job or simply attending a family dinner, this question keeps popping up.

For those of us who are recruiting or running their startups, this question becomes even more important. Offer too little and you will lose the target candidates silently. Offer too much and you start bleeding money, or worse attract wrong kind of people to your company.

Introducing CutShort Salary Report 2016–17

Given the importance of this question, we at CutShort turned to the salary data from a sample of ~50,000 users who signed up between January 2016 to June 2017.

Since our userbase is primarily experienced professionals working (or interested in working at startups) and share their salary information in a very specific context of their job search, we believe this report is the only one that the growing Indian startup ecosystem could actually use. Other surveys by websites or agencies are either too “casual” or lack the startup focus this report has.

The average experience of our population was 4.4 years. The split looked like this:

These users had worked in 11,000+ companies, some of them are shown below:

Executive Summary
The 18 month period covered in this report (Jan 2016 to June 2017) was pretty unique. The salaries were definitely stronger, given the previous years of easy funding situation and overall healthy growth rate.

In the end of 2016, we saw funding crunch and in 2017 there are widespread news of overall maturity in the compensation area. The impact of this is to be ascertained next year.

Although Bengaluru (unsurprisingly) ruled the roost in the salaries, we were surprised that Mumbai beath Delhi NCR quite convincingly. We were indeed surprised to to find that the lesser known companies paying more than the assumed leaders.

We summarize the key insights below.

Comparing job functions: Techies get paid more

There has been an intense competition for good tech talent by both startups and other product companies, it’s no wonder that techies get paid about 20% more an average than the non techies.

Comparing Sectors: Ecommerce and Fin-tech paid more

Ecommerce companies bagged the lion’s share of startup funding in last 5 years and that’s why paid about 20% higher salaries than other sectors.

On the other hand, Fintech has been an interesting story. It has not been a funding guzzler, but has paid more for professionals with more experience. This suggests that when it comes Fintech, domain expertise clearly matters.

                                                     Salaries across different sectors

This is just a glimpse of this report. You can view this entire report here. Also check our latest salary calculator here.

Let me know if you have any feedback.

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