Pune : The MBA Bazaar : Needs serious attention

Dear Friends,

There is always some experience we earn in any incident we face. And such experience which enthralls our mind , makes us share and makes me write.

Its been quite some time now I am into management education, met many people. Many people who impressed me, people whom I worship, people turned out liars , and people who left me disgusted after meeting them.

Education is a pure process of imparting knowledge and making somebody independent by offering him strength to stand on his own feet for his/her entire forthcoming life. But, since some days, imparting knowledge
concept is gone, and what’s left is just false commitment and ineffective
management of the colleges.

I admire Dr. Mujumdar ( Symbiosis ), I worship Prof. Balasubramanian ( Balaji Society ) as after these many years their focus on imparting quality education and offering extraordinary industry exposure to the
students remained the same. I try to learn many things out of such
revolutionary educationists and also try to implement certain things in our
format also. Its quite obvious, that
once truth is delivered, people start believing and a retained customer is
generated. And that’s how a small classroom sized college turns into humongous
campus in some days.

But some people whom also I met, have made me to think more seriously than when I met the above mentioned tycoons. These people are those inefficient employees of certain colleges, who were having hunger to earn money,
squeezing knowledge out of education system. These people were admin officers,
printers, faculties and similar, who have seen how the above mentioned
personalities growing by leaps and bounds and their raising multi campuses, and
made them to drip their saliva and turned them into crooks in the greed of
earning fame and money. Such, so called
directors of some new MBA colleges have now turned out to be a stigma on Pune’s
oxford of the east image. Most of them are visionless, are not themselves a
management graduate, cant speak / write in English, but are masters in making
frauds and false practices.

Pune, the place of quality education and pure form to serve mankind, is now become a Bazaar to lure outstation students. Pune, has now more than 200 MBA colleges spread across all the city borders and gone beyond it
too. MBA institutes are situated right from 2 BHK flats to sprawling campuses, A
shared hall of a Mangal Karyalay ( Marriage Hall ) to a part time offices too.

They don’t talk about curriculum, additional knowledge inputs, personality development, quality professors and industry personalities, but they try more than 100 % to attract
young minds by offering them blackberry phones, Honda activa, bajaj pulsar , 5
star hotel stay, bangkok tour if they take admission in these institute. Such things which can spoil
any youngster’s mind at the flashy age of 22 – 25 yrs very easily. All above
mentioned product deliveries are made against of cutting down the cost on
educational expense and avoiding quality faculties and industrialists. I don’t
understand what international study tour or industrial experience Bangkok as a
tourist location can offer to these students?
We all know, for what reason people goto to bangkok ? They lure students
by offering all these things other than quality management education and
pressure them convince their parents.

An experience with which I felt really disgusted when I met some admission brokers, the community truly responsible to tarnish the image of Pune, the education hub.

I was worried when on my tour to various places during admission / selection process, some students from North India said , Pune is not oxford of the east anymore, its
now Fraud Of the East

Admission Brokers are cruelly extra smart people, who use their counseling expertise in wrong direction and cheat people by lacs and lacs of rupees .

Admission brokers, is a community and chain of crooks who know only to lie and make frauds and flew off to their towns and change their mobile numbers. Every new MBA college needs or they take support from these admission brokers to fill their seats, as being a new
management college, students generally not aware about these colleges and
brokers if work well , they introduce these colleges to the aspiring MBA
students. Till now things can be fine.

Things go wrong, when these brokers cheat colleges and students both. They will admit a student in one college and for every next Rs 5000 commission; they will keep admitting the same student in more than 3-4
colleges. More new the college, commission will be more, and lesser the
education related commitments, but only false commitments follow. These days, brokers
have gone an extra mile, and their plans to dupe the colleges are now landed up
into some crores. They take the marketing rights of these new MBA colleges ,
minimum 3-4 colleges in one go, but tells each college, normal"">that’s its exclusively for you sir,
and mint minimum 10-15 lacs and flew off to unknown places.

New colleges, I don’t know why and how, but offer this much money to these brokers, rather they should have used it to build curriculum and infrastructure. I met and keep
meeting many directors of new MBA colleges who do share their broker experience
and tell me to write about them or request me to initiate an association
against all this.

These brokers are mostly from UP and Bihar, and also local Pune, Maharashtra unemployed students. Many students, from UP/Bihar, due to their irregular attendance, anti social activities in the college, either don’t
qualify or barred from college placements, and are now turning into admission
brokers and so called job/placement brokers too. They identify one location in
UP/Bihar and source MBA aspiring candidates from there and lure them with false
commitments, and mint lacs and lacs of money from their parents.

I do understand that in each and every sector, competition grows stronger and stronger due to new players entering in the market. But, there has to be a USP to create a differential advantage to attract the customer and not
to cheat them. Effective and visionary people make superior management. Impurities in any system damage the same
fully, so its better that let’s throw these impurities out of the system. Let’s
form a professional admission process, and let’s control our own education
system at our own.

Sometimes, its our own mistake, to involve wrong people in the greed or haste of adding admissions to our institute. An MBA college is a huge investment and highly professional environment, how can we allow a biased and opportunist outsider, with no enough qualification, no loyalty but only greed to play with our building brand name ? Issue is, We only entertain them and land up in trouble. We have to make our admission system stronger and
systematic. Lets market and create a right brand image of our institute,
because we have taken all the efforts to develop the same.

The institution should impart the best quality knowledge and should promote the same with legal practices only. Brokers are outsiders, giving them all the controls of
admission process will lead to reach into a nowhere, And a selfish, illegal
person will not create the required brand image of our institute. Lets all of
us focus on developing state of the art infrastructures, best ever curriculum
and offer the desired future to all our students. If they are directed and guided
well, they will further support our nation’s economy. Knowledge is for life and
does not depend on momentary things like mobile phones, bangkok tour, pulsar
and activas. Lets all speak the truth and stand by them to face the world, lets not lure them by these non
–career related things.

And last but not the least, lets bring back the image of Pune , The Oxford of the East , The Education hub of India, back.

Long live Pune , cheers.

Niraj Jawanjal

Retail Guru Asia / Wish Bridge ISB, Pune.

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Comment by Ravi Kumar on March 29, 2010 at 7:54pm
I second your views.

Would like to share another perspective, vision becomes visible (and is recognized as vision) only post success. And success / failures is function of too many parameters (partly controlled and partly uncontrolled). So while i may be visionary, but unless i succeed - i would only be criticized.

We are all aware of all the practices of both successfuls & failures but choose to admire the successes & criticize the failures, even if practices followed are same by both.

I am working towards your statement as articulated towards the end, by offering job oriented short term training courses with RoI within 3 months of course completion for candidates who do not come from sound family background. Your help in this initially will be highly appreciated.

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