ProtonDreams Closing down...product along with code available at reasonable price

Hello All,

After about eight months of struggle to sustain the market, we have decided to close down my current startup, ProtonDreams. I am trying to find a suitable buyer for the product along with source code & possibly IP as well. Or there can be some other arrangement that will mutually benefit both organizations. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions to me. You can send me emails on I can also arrange a hosted demo, if anyone is interested. The entire code base is written from scratch, without any open source code usage. The code can be easily maintained & extended.

Obviously I can't be too explicity about the product & technology but here in I have given good bit of product details:

Our product, AutoFlow is a web & mobile enabled project planning tool that seamlessly integrates with MS-Project & MS-Excel. It can also integrate with any other application very easily.

The main purpose of AutoFlow is three fold
- to allow project managers & other stakeholders to manage & control project from anywhere-anytime
- to allow resources to find out their assigned task without talking to PM & allow them to send in updates as & how the situation changes.
- last but most important... leverage single copy of MS-Project & provide access (View & Update) to entire organization.

Key Value:
- Increase accountability & control over projects
- Eliminate manual scheduling & tracking of tasks
- provide organization level or external visibility to real time project status
- reduce licensing cost associated with MS-Project
- available as hosted or on-premise

Some of the key features:
- Import & export project plans from 3rd party tools (currently we have built integration with MS-Project & MS-Excel)
- Stand alone plugins for MS-Project & MS-excel
- Role based security with control over what individual resources can do
- PM's can create & maintain plans over internet, intranet, GPRS or using SMS
- resources can access task information over internet, intranet, GPRS or using SMS
- Mobile client available on Windows Mobile & Symbian based devices with J2ME (S60)
- Document Management that allows PM & resources to attach documents to individual tasks
- Checklist Repository that allows creation of checklist and assignment of the same at project or task level
- Support for low end mobile devices with template SMS

Web Server: .Net Framework, ASP .Net, C#
SMS Gateway: C/C++ COM, integration with GSM Modem
Web Access: ASP .Net, MSFT Internet mobility kit
Mobile application: Windows Mobile using CF, C# and Symbina S60 devices using J2ME

Please do let me know if you are interested.

Best Regards,

Vinay Bhide

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Comment by Anil on February 10, 2009 at 11:23am
What's the investment?

pl. get in touch on 9823914182.
Comment by Santosh on January 28, 2009 at 8:39am
Hi Vinay,

Did you get any +ve responses? You should also post your query on the main list here,

- Santosh

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