Its been 5+ years that I have spent in IT now. And this 5 Year Itch has started pestering me now. I don't know if it happens with every professional who works in Business driven Technology Organization. Typically after 5 + yrs of experience suddenly one stands on the cross roads where one can see a cob web of ladders criss-crossing each other, and one has to climb at-least one of them if not all :). Each ladder has its own reach, landmarks, advantages and dis-advantages. For a typical professional, who starts as a Software Trainee then reaches Sr Software Engg, there are some options in front of him/her, and the destination is very hazy looking from down. The Options are categorized as :

1. Resource Management i.e. Project Management, CMM etc
2. Technical Ladder i.e. System Analyst, Solution Architect etc
3. Business Ladder i.e. BA, Industry Solutions etc
4. Sales i.e. Pre Sales, Client Care
5. Freelancing i.e. Starting own venture etc.

The more you try to sort out web of ladder, more complicated the system seems. This syndrome I term as 5 year Itch. Around me I have seen many people dealing with this perplex situation, some get out elegantly, some perish, others just keep flowing in the flow of comfortable life. The only way to solve such complex problem is to choose what you love to do... but what if one loves doing more than one out of the listed options ???

I keep pondering on it ...... !!!!!

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