Niche , Niche and Niche : Do you really need a start-up ? or wait till you get an solid workable idea ?

Pondering new start-up and new business of your own , may be  you are tired of your job / boss.  They say , people dont quit bad companies , they quit bad bosses. Hence very few % of start-ups are formed out of desperation or  doing something of your own , or your friend made fortune out it , so lets give a shot.  My take on this is ,one need niche , niche and niche.. Dont re-invent wheel , rather join other start-up ( Hope you find like minded people and partners) Or wait till you really find a “niche”

Some quick Help, less of text and more of sense with key points.

  • Don’t enter in to highly competitive and saturated market without niche (something very unique or top quality)
  • Perform quick and live check > 
    • go to Google > enter  search keywords > Web design , seo pune  > I got this > About 23,40,000 results and majority of them , offer same or similar service , Why You would re-invent wheel ?  How many companies and teams offering same stuff with difference or price ? Who is winning here ? ( service quality and service excellence or price ?) We all are fighting for a small piece of pie .
  • Understand You need niche , but how to get it ? 
    • You know what is “niche” and you have real problem in hand to solve on very micro level
    • You have suffered from similar problem and understand magnitude of discomfort coming out of any system problem ( for example , I hated adobe software updates , I was really tired of it , until I move to MAC)
    • Niche is all about hard work and observation: We cant plan to become great , we just cant plan that , we can create best products and services , if we really go in micro level of details and understand problem/ issues
    • You can create massive demand for non-existent product or service  , provided you have enough capital to invest in PR and branding ( awareness) , So its not niche ?


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Comment by Devesh Zanvar on November 4, 2014 at 6:48pm
Good food for thought...
Comment by abhisshek on November 4, 2014 at 4:39pm

very very helpful

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