New OpenCart Features can boost your rankings on google

Advanced Opencart extension provides many ways to improve the rank in Google. The admin creates SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs, with this extension. They provide URLs in all languages in store. There are some features which help to boost ran in Google.

• It creates URLs for many pages.
• Sitemap.xml files and Robots.txt with the generation of one click.
• Any URLs extension are added.
• Status of Rich Snippets is enabled or disabled.
• Rich Snippets are selected to hide or display.
• Sitemap web crawling frequency is set.
• The priority is configured sitemap in the web pages.
• In SERP the modified date in the page is selected to display.
• Meta Title, Keywords, Description are created automatically.
• To improve the level by the suggestion in viewing product meter.
• For products, canonical URLs are generated.
• For products, twitter cards and Facebook open graph are created.
• For mobile view and desktop to Google snippet previewed.
• Separate information is provided in other languages.
• For customization, source code module is opened.


The module should support multiple languages.


Upload Folders: Downloaded zip file are extracted first. Then open the Opencart folder and then in system Opencart is installed. In Opencart development root directory admin, wkseo, and catalog are uploaded.

Upload XML: Log in to the backend of admin and then to Extensions next Extension Installer. By browsing the XML File in the ocmod folder then click on upload. Opencart version is installed in the system by selecting the correct folder. After uploading the file of XML click on continue button.


After XML file is uploaded, then go to Extensions then to Modifications. As visible on the screen click on Refresh button.

Then go to system -> Users -> Usergroups. Then click on Administrator to edit then select on Modify Permission and Access Permission then save it.


For installation from Extensions -> Modules. From the list find Advanced SEO. Then click on install as visible.


After the installation in the module, then admin click on Extensions-> Modules and then edit it by clicking it. To use the Advanced Module of SEO, Status is Enabled. If it is not used status are disabled. Extension of SEO options is available in General Tab.

To display rich snippets on the search, the page of result select the enabled. Or else select the displayed. There are various types of properties in rich snippets for the products. To display the property of rich snippet select, yes to display or no to hide.


In the store, the admin should provide SEF keywords on various pages. Multi-Languages are provided by the admit from Advanced SEO Optimization ->SEF, in all pages of stores SEF keywords are entered.

For the Sitemap file settings, select sitemap from Advanced SEO. There are some ways to open:

Frequency - For web crawling in the sitemap file when to update are selected. There are some options are yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, always, never.

Modification date – on the search result of the page on what modified date is showed. The modified date page is hidden if none are selected. According to updated date in last web page for displaying modified date server’s response time are selected. From the calendar custom modified date are displayed by the admin.

Priority – In the web crawling priority are selected. If nothing is selected, according to both rules web crawling are selected. In default the priority is selected in automatic: Category – 1, Manufacture – 0.7, Homepage – 1, Product – 1, Information – 0.5. Other priority will be selected in manually. The range of the priority will be 0-1.

Generate Sitemap – In the root directory, the sitemap.xml is created. Generate Sitemap button clicked by the admin after configured the setting.

Save Sitemap – by clicking this sitemap button, updates or changes are saved in the settings.

By generating all this sitemap file, the admin can view the website improvement and performance result b searching in Google Webmasters.

In Advanced SEO->Robots then click on Generate robots.txt automatically to create robots file. In the root directory, the file of the website was created.

To create the .htaccess by the admin for enabling SEF URLs. In Advanced SEO->.htaccess, then click on .htaccess automatically then it is generated. If there is any subdirectories path on the website can also be entered.

For category pages go to Catalog->Categories, then click on Edit and go to Data tab. SEO URL is entered in the field. Multi-languages of URL are provided by the admin. These changes are applied by clicking on save button.

To improve the SEO page of the product SEO URLs, Twitter Cards, Open Graph, Meta information, Rich Snippets are the variously available option are configured by the admin.

For the products, the details should be entered by the admin. Go to Catalog->Products, then on any products click Edit. Then General tab-> Meta keywords, Description and Meta Title are entered. To generate the Meta information automatically there is an option. Multi-language keywords are provided by admin. For improving the Meta information suggestion are seen by the admin.

By clicking Generate Unique Keyword, SEO URLs automatically are generated. To create SEO URL go to Data Tab for the products.

In SEO TOOL tab for the products, search engine optimization is advanced. The available options are followed:

Snippet Preview: For the product, the snippet preview of Google search can be viewed by the admin. Further, live preview and update or edit the product Meta details are viewed. For product, searching target keyword is entered for the products. For other languages also snippet information is edited and reviewed by the admin.

Desktop: According to view in the desktop search click on desktop for snippet preview.

Mobile: According to view in mobile search click on mobile for snippet preview.


The Twitter cards and Facebook Open Graph for the products are created by the admin. If users just share the link to the product to someone the information is automatically fetched and the information are provided.

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Facebook: For the Product Description, Open Graph title, and image are entered and it can be viewed by the admin after proving the information for Open Graph.
Twitter: For the Product Description, Twitter Card title, and image are entered and it can be viewed by the admin after proving the information for Twitter Card.
By using all these methods and rules we can boost the rank in Google by advanced Opencart.

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Comment by Anand on June 9, 2018 at 12:20pm

This one is Reducing all the work and with its Automation and the work it is Reducing is Quite Awesome.

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