Need info "How to start Tax free Meal Coupon business"

Hi Friends,

I want to start Meal coupon company similar to "sodexho"

Here is the requirement...

1] My company will be issuing meal coupon to corporates and corporates in turn will issue them to employee.

2] These coupons are complextely tax free

3] These coupons have expiray date

4] These coupons are valid on food, food products.

I want to start this business.

 would lke to know

1] requred capital?

2] Legal formalities

3] Subject Matter expert - advisor who can help me to get the all formality done.




skype: nitin.porwal

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Comment by Santosh on November 16, 2013 at 9:52am

Hi Nitin, 

This post is more appropriate for the forums. Please post there I think it will get greater visibility.

Best regards,


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