Marketing services and Lead generation: how are you planning your budget in 2013?

Last week, we spent some time reviewing all the inquiries we received at SalesZoomer in 2012. Overall, as expected, the focus for most customers was increasing number of qualified leads that can be pursued actively and converted in sales. 

While email marketing and ‘warm calling’ are the two standard lead generation processes we adopted, we felt that there is a certain level of uncertainty or lack of interest among customers to opt for other lead generation activities like Website optimization, SEO and content marketing. The response is often “We have tried it, but didn’t work for us”, “This is not our priority right now” or even questions like “How many leads will be generated”!

This is quite surprising in view of marketing channels where companies worldwide are allocating their lead generation budgets. The verdict is quite simple: Online activities like SEO, Content Marketing and Website optimization are areas where marketing budgets are being allocated increasingly for qualified lead generation.

Lead generation budget trends
Lead generation budget trends


It’s most obvious from these recent trends that multiple channel marketing is going to be the way to qualified lead generation in 2013 as well. However, the need and urgency of the sales numbers along with budget constraints almost always push companies to take quick measures rather than long term plan considering the whole picture in mind.

It’s a fact that the different marketing tactics follow different ‘conversion cycles’ and also they almost always work in tandem rather than in silos. So an email campaign followed by a download of case study or a webinar supported by social media marketing is more likely to get you closer to your customers instead of adopting one or two of these promotional tactics.

SalesZoomer now offers a array of Marketing outsourcing services ranging from website optimization, content marketing, SEO and social media marketing along with traditional email marketing to ensure effective lead generation, lead qualification and lead farming for your business.

The objective is just not to generate enough leads to fill your sales funnel but also to nurture the leads with timely demand generation tactics so that the leads remain warm till final conversion.

How are you planning to increase your traction in your target market in 2013? Which marketing strategies you are planning to implement? We would be glad to hear from you.


SalesZoomer Team

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