Presents Live Streaming -

Features of our Live Streaming Solution -

1 . Completely Scalable to virtually unlimited number of concurrent viewers.
2 . Cloud based solution with 100% network and power uptime guarantee, providing 100%
3 . Software scalable upto 10 Gbps per server.
4 . Wide range of Video and Audio Formats.
5 . View on iPhone®, iPad™, and iPod® touch , Android, BlackBerry, Laptop/Desktop
6 . Show your sponsors, around the video player or in the video player, during breaks/lunch etc.

Benefits -

  1. Larger audience (outside Pune and outside India) for your event
  2. Earn extra by roping in a special Live Streaming Sponsor
  3. Zero hardware/infrastructure investment required,
  4. Service can be stopped/started/scaled up or down at any hour.
  5. Live streaming of Celebrity Management, Road shows, fashion shows, Concerts, Parties,etc..
  6. Live streaming of Weddings which can be viewed anywhere from any place.
  7. Can increase the attraction of the audiences by providing something innovative and a new service of Live streaming to them.
  8. Beneficial for people who cannot attend the event if they are living in a different state,country or continent.

Cost –

Please drop in a email id.Quotation will be mailed to you

We would be glad to meet you and discuss our product and customize it for your service.

Thank you,

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