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Communication is very Important skill

Communication is very important skill for every human being. It’s not a limited edition for marketing & sales person. 
According to Newman and Summer “Communication is an exchange of facts, ideas,opinions or emotions by two or more persons”(Business Communication_SMU) 
It meant for everyone. Communication has various aspects including sender, receiver and the message.Communication has purpose. Communication is successful when the sender gets the proper feedback that the message is delivered in the same way he wanted to deliver it.We use different medium for communication. Language is one of them. Language can verbal or non verbal (signs) or in the written form.
Language could be any script or set of alphabets in that script that has certain meaning in specific group of people.Language is a medium to express our thoughts, aspirations and feelings. Every person communicates by using different mediums of communication. 
Its not like we don’t communicate in our day to day life; yes we do, but do we really communicate effectively? exactly the way we want to communicate? or communicate in order to get our goals fulfilled.
? The effective communication has clarity, purpose and sense of direction. It’s a not just informative but persuasive and leading to right action without ambiguity. 
While attending  any interview almost 70 % importance is given to your communication including verbal and non verbal regardless of any profession. The non verbal communication- your body language,facial expression,posture,hand gesture shows how much you are prepared for the interview. Also verbal communication-words you use,tone of voice,clarity of thoughts,precise and brief explanation show the depth of your personality.
So it become essential to practice these skills every day. No matter where you are. Preparing for future interview needs no extra time of your precious life.
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