Managing a project in-house is different from outsourcing a project it to a vendor. You, as a manager, will have different roles in both the cases.
If you have never outsourced before, start with outsourcing a part of the project. It will allow you to track and analyse the process in a much more efficient way. And, this will also enable you to experiment a bit with your process. It will be beneficial for you in the long run.

What’s different from a managerial point of view?

When it’s about outsourcing, a manager has to be cautious and has to safeguard his interests. He has to keep an eye at all times on the whole process. This includes the selection of a vendor and ensuring the smooth delivery of the project.

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The manager may not have control over the operation of the process. But he or she always has to be in the loop on what is happening. But, before you go for the ‘outsourcing’ way you must ask these questions to the vendor

What are the terms and scope of outsourcing a project?

What about the maintenance or rectification terms after completion of the project?

Action plan for any redundancies or defects found after the delivery of project?

Would I, my team or my company be able to control and operate the project on its own after the delivery ?

Always ask these questions from your vendor to work out things positive for you.

What are the key steps for efficient and effective outsourcing?

First of all, you have to decide whether you want to outsource the whole project or just parts of it.

Prepare a list of companies which can provide you with effective work ethics. Filter the ones which can finish the project as per your requirements.

Just make sure that the vendor or the freelancer is the right person for the job as per the skill set required. This is vital, as it can be the reason why the outsourcing plan can work or fail.

Also, make sure when you are outsourcing a project you communicate all your requirements and needs to the vendor. Also, be clear about your budget and your deadline; as you have the right to express them. The job description should contain all details including minor things you want.

Keep a constant watch on the project updates to make sure project is on time. This way, you and your vendor would be able to solve any type or kind of issue or bottleneck. Regular checkups are important when you are outsourcing anything.

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So, there you go. Now you have a good idea on how you must approach ‘outsourcing’ in the IT domain. We hope that this article has given you some beneficial inputs on the whole process.

As it is said. Do what you do the best, Outsource the rest. We at Abaxsoft are happy to help you with your IT development, Digital Marketing and Consulting needs.

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