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In the era of globalization, businesses are no longer confined to cities, states and countries. Conference calls / web conferencing and virtual meetings are daily routine and widely used practices in today’s global work environment in most of the organizations. Multiple heads generally participate in such meetings from multiple locations. At times it happens that critical points are missed due to several reasons. Few of them being language disparities, voice disturbance and others.

'MINUTES of MEETINGS (MOM) creation'
application would cater to these problems. It will facilitate capturing important points of the meeting / call. The software will monitor the call and after the call would give a text O/P in word format as to the points covered. The software is designed so that it will catch all important points, recognize 'key voice/s' and agenda and can save the MOM in text format. Meeting members can actually see the points covered in the discussion in text format. The software would be helpful to track the execution after the meeting and it may serve as a check-list for follow up as well. It can also be an important management tool at several levels within the organization. This product has a niche market and an option to partner with current web-conferencing service providers.

Team requires three contributors:

Desired Skills:
1. Quick learner and self starter
2. Should be able to do required R & D
3. Java Expert with UIMA framework Knowledge


Join team on PlanetAikon:

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Note: This is not job posting, contributors will earn in terms of equity. For any query Write to me at- archanag[at]aikonlabs[dot]com

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