We all discern the fact that achieving targets could be vital than anything else when it is the need of the hour. Take example of the income tax department, where all tax evaders are brought to book by the end of the year. Similarly there is the traffic control, where the officers are obliged to fine the violators. But this time it’s not the IT official raiding somebody’s house or a traffic havaldar issuing challan in order to achieve targets, but the heaven god himself.

We are not oblivious of the fact that Maharashtra was running huge deficit of rainfall, and there was a clairvoyance that the monsoon will not show up after 15th of September. Apart from konkan and other coastal areas, the rainfall received in Maharashtra was less than 50%. With causing such an ordeal, tax evasion or trying to hedge yourself from a fine for jumping a signal was frivolous. But in that case trying to manage water for daily chores was more important. While there was a case in Latur district where there was a instance of stealing water from somebody else’s reserve. Ahh! And how can one forget about the onion prices that were skyrocketed? And mind you the RBI also looks after its policy decisions based on the monsoon outcome.

But now that the heaven god has shown some mercy towards the people, one may say that the losses are mitigated. Now corporates may rejoice for a possible rate cut, and the farmers might get a better yield. But the reason behind this courtesy by the heaven gods is still oblivious to the people, is it the achieving rainfall targets that is the cause of such action, or is it the empathy towards all his bhakts have made him do so ?

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