IOT - Analytics on the Edge : Business case for better ROI.

Internet Of Things is here and expected to change personal lives and also change the way companies are doing Business. IDC predicts an explosive Internet of Things spending to reach $1.7 Trillion by year 2020.

Currently the IoT devices send thousands of events per second which is costly to store and to run analytics on this data.  With Apache Quarks which is open source programming model, helps control and analyze streaming data on the edge and send only required, relevant data OR of "Data of Interest".

The advantage is:

  • Ability to send only a limited or relevant data from device, and therefore a reduced amount of data storage and thereby reduction in communication and storage costs.
  • Logic and decision making on the device, and ability to react locally to events.

Architecture View:

Below is an architecture view and a Proof of Technology using Raspberry-PI, wired to a Temperature sensor DS18b20 and connected to Cloud platform - IBM Watson IoT platform.  The Raspberry PI acts as a device on the edge where Apache Quarks application runs and sends only the required data to the Cloud platform.

The proof of technology using combination of below components and technical details are described in the Blog post link below.

Raspberry PI + DS18b20 Temperature Sensor + Apache Quarks + IBM Watson IOT platform

With this capability, it has further eased on a viable solution to end customer and entry criteria for IoT based Business solutions and consulting proposition.

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