Various startup publications (startup porn for people on the fringe) for the past few years had been heralding the age of the Unicorn. The Unicorn, a mythical creature, was a symbol of the startup boom around the world that reached a frenzy in India with our tech savvy PM throwing his weight and considerable marketing acumen behind the ecosystem.

The positive atmosphere was fueled by availability of easy money (don't know where one can find some of that lying around :) ) which appears to be on the wane due to policy action and economic conditions in the US and China. This has had a knee jerk reaction on the startup world – so we read about mark-downs, slow-downs etc. in the startup ecosystem a new age has apparently dawned – all hail the rise of the cockroach!

The cockroach an evolved species that has been around for more than 320 million years. They are resilient creatures that can live on little and survive even a nuclear explosion! In the new startup era the “real” creature is being referred to startups that are looking to build a business with an eye on revenue and profitability above everything else.

The term (which I borrow from some very intelligent folk that I am sure exist on this social platform) is interesting and relevant since it is so un-glamorous. If the first few months of our entrepreneurial journey have taught us anything it is that a startup's life is un-glamorous and pretty real. As first generation entrepreneurs the cockroach approach came naturally to us. It is the thus the path that we have chosen, success or not only time will tell. For now we take heart in being a recognized part of the animal kingdom. All hail the rise of the cockroach!

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Comment by Tanuj Sinha on April 27, 2016 at 5:51pm

Thanks Keerthi Kadam. The approach seems like the one to follow to grow a sustainable business; time will tell though :)

Comment by Keerthi Kadam on April 23, 2016 at 12:47pm

Nice post, Tanuj. Cockroach Approach says it all- Stay Lean Stay Keen. 

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