In The Cloud There Is No Room For Experiments Or 'Quick Fixes'

The hybrid infrastructure model applied in cloud computing reflects best practices in the new generation of data centers. What distinguishes these environments is the fact that, in the cloud there is no room for experiments or 'quick fixes'. This is an opinion of Gartner research vice president, Chris Wolf.

Next, the expert lists four items that need to be evaluated in IT and time will decide to take part of your infrastructure or solutions to the cloud computing model:

1. Application Integration

Unlike to popular belief, this aspect is by far one of the most fundamental in any migration to the cloud, but has not received due attention from service providers.

The ability to manage and configure user identities to an extensive set of applications from a single place is decisive so that the user does not have problems with cloud.

2. Safety

The task of building a functional cloud hosting server is absolutely critical and should be able to connect to two different networks safely.

In fulfilling this task, enter the picture layers of security, among which stand out authentication based on multiple factors, identity and access managers and, in some cases, external service providers entrusted with the task of providing administrative control of high standard.

This demand will lead to an unprecedented technological segment so far: equates to create an entity with the authority to act as the central repository of information security and application management, data and venues established in the virtual stratosphere. It adds that the only way to enable this at the moment is based on parts of different applications. Is yet to emerge a technology with the potential to cover all platforms in order to provide effective control even in the case of private cloud.

3. I / O virtual

According to the deployment manager and IT architecture in DigitalGlobe company, provide data for a dozen virtual machines from a pair of network information centers will be an impediment in the scheduling of virtual machines to the demand in the cloud.

During the development phase and testing, eight to ten gigabit ethernet cablesper terminal, is one of the most complicated identification task. Migration to the virtual environment is predominantly a conceptual change. Not touching the cables may nevertheless there will be a traffic data in a very robust communication channels, wherein reconfigure the SAN connections or local area networks willdispense with the effort to connect different physical cables.

Focus data stream size in one device leads to savings in space, energy and physical structure, increases performance and culminates in network equipment in economics.

4. Storage

As mentioned above, the storage power remains the Achilles tendon on the issue of virtualization and migration to the environment of the clouds; It is also the most expensive resource for the entire operation.

To sumup, the cost of storage will represent the largest share in the spreadsheet spending on virtualization. Convert 90% of servers in images does not address the issue because they still have to be hosted somewhere.

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