I regularly keep meeting aspiring entrepreneurs who claim to be having a great idea but do they realize that ideas have limited shelf life and if not executed they die. There are billions of ideas that are never implemented. Entrepreneurship is not about having an idea only, it’s about execution. One may come across weird or colloquial ideas at times but implemented in a fantastic way and they are very successful.


If you have an idea, go and talk to ‘right’ people about it, the customers, first! Get it validated through them. Ask them if they will pay for the idea; discover if there are possibilities with that idea. Often wannapreneurs are insecure about the fact that their ideas will get stolen due to which they don’t ‘discuss or share’ their ideas but that insecurity doesn’t lead anywhere. Such people few years down the line see many others executing the same idea and then crib, that if they could have started up their idea in time it would have been a successful organization by now.


Another aspect that wannapreneurs should get comfortable with, is the fact that many people will laugh at their ideas. But remember the ideas that have been laughed at have come out to be the most successful ones. Take example of Victoria’s Secret, the founder’s friends & family would have laughed at him for creating a lingerie catalogue; however that idea has now turned into a multi-million dollars enterprise.   


Ideas are everywhere, just observe and put your ears to the ground and you shall discover the NEXT BIG THING. I co-founded Sparkpluggers Innovation Lab where we decided to nurture, validate and kindle all sorts of ideas. Help individuals discover their ideas in depth and help them to execute the same. It’s been a ride of listening; experiencing and supporting 100’s of these ideas and helping them develop business models for the same.


If you have an idea (and even if you don’t) join the movement in taking your ideas to the next level. Also remember starting up is a process and not shot in the dark. We are organizing a Business Model MasterClass this weekend at Pune. For details check here: http://tinyurl.com/no3c6g6



Rohit Lalwani

Co-Founder Sparkpluggers Innovation Lab, Pune


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