How SEO Services works for your Business

SEO works. As an online marketer who works with various industries; the common denomination amongst all my clients is this that they don’t know what they want. As most do not come from a technical background many feel absolutely lost and confused while getting their business online.

Website :

Most people have seen their competitor’s website and want a similar look and feel. When questioned what your USP is; they are clueless. Best prices is no longer a USP; people need more. Probably value added services, over the edge customer relationship become an invaluable trust factor.

Products & Services :

Every business has a primary product or service and a secondary product or service. Why is it necessary to highlight your primary products? Because they work as a cash cow for your company. As a business owner; I completely understand that you think all your products are special, but if you cramp everything in front of your user he will get confused and run away. Result; a very high bounce rate.

A systematic bifurcation of categories makes it easier for users as well as Google crawlers to navigate your website.

Target Audience :

Defining your target audience is very essential for your web marketer. Everyone in the age group from 16-65 is very generic. Defining your target audience helps designing online strategy. A plan with a purpose reaches its goal faster.


Search engine optimization works when on page and off page works in sync. Following all Google’s guidelines is not a choice; it’s mandatory if you want your website to rank.

Keywords :

Keywords are search terms or phrases that your target audience searches that you are offering. These terms have to be on your website with a keyword density that is a requisite by Google. Your primary products and services also become keywords for your website. Not all will rank. You cannot focus on 200 keywords. An informed decision based on search volume works best.


As much as we all like to have organic ranking a social media presence only boosts your rankings. It proves to be extraordinary client engagement platform; one when exploited can become a point of lead generation.

Paid Campaigns :

Google PPC, Face book, LinkedIn Paid advertising; Twitter advertising present n number of options to advertise. Using paid campaigns is not a Taboo thing. Most clients are apprehensive and feel they will spend too much. At times paid ads prove to have a greater ROI compared to organic SEO. It’s all a matter of strategic design of your digital marketing strategy based on timing.

Press Releases/Blogs :

Blogs & Press Release educate the customers on your products and services. They showcase the company’s humane side that which cares enough to inform the customers on updates. Address the finer details of use, which assists the end user to make a purchase.

Call to Action Buttons :

Yes they are needed, can be used on landing pages as well as on your webpage. When off page, local SEO classifieds submissions are done a simple strategically placed call to action button probes user to take action. It is the job of the online marketer to present it to the end user. This is an ideal way for Lead Generation.

As a Digital Marketing Expert who relishes the success of their clients, it becomes imperative that clients know understand and completely comprehend what are the results they will get. As far as online marketing goes all efforts need to be perfectly synchronized to give the best results and optimum ranking in search results. SEO takes time. Sometime 3 months, sometimes 9-10 months. Search engine algorithms are ever changing and dynamic and as a digital marketer you just have to keep going. Online Marketing is an ongoing process after the website has reached a stable position; regular maintenance mode is recommended.

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