How can Pinterest help you drive relevant audience to you online store.

We are all familiar with boards where you can pin the latest news about a topic of common interest. For colleges it can be the upcoming events or resources, or  a fashion studio can showcase pictures of models with trending outfits.

Pinterest a social media platform,  is a similar online notice board which gives users the chance to easily share and access things that interest them.  These interests are shared via pictures so it is easier and more fun browsing through them. If you already using other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, then you must be wondering, why Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms for an eCommerce website. The ease of use and the ability to reach niche audience sets it apart form the rest.  Also, Pinterest is steadily gaining popularity in India, and now is the time to tap its tremendous potential !

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So let us dive in to see how you can make the magic of Pinterest work for you!

1) Engage your customers with different kind of boards

With Pinterest, you can organise your posts by grouping them in different kind of boards- the most common ones being product and content boards.

Product board- Since you are an eCommerce store owner it is but natural to have boards to display the products on your website.  Product boards can be classified into different categories like boards for-

  • Shoes, clothing, accessories and different kind of products you feature on your website.

  • Latest products and hot trends in the industry.

  • Products which are on sale and mark downs.

Check out the board for to see how they have created separate boards for different items on their website.

kraftnation 1

  • Content board: You can give tips and information about something related to your products.  One such example is the board by a fashion store,  which has pins for ready tips on how to string a bead necklace together.

whatwhenwear pinterestThe beauty of Pinterest is the ease of curating good content, no matter what you sell on your online store. To populate your content board, you can share relevant pins from various pinnable sources across the web. The user just needs to click the pin on your page, and they will be directed to the relevant website!

2) Reach your niche audience easily and increase your sales

Unlike Facebook, Pinterest allows users to search items based on particular categories. It can act as a giant store. If your product belongs to a niche category such as ethnic Indian jewellery, your users will get to popular and trending pins in that category.   The best part- most people interacting with your pins will be relevant audience!

pinterest ethnic jew eg

Pinterest has rolled out some new features to increase visibility for all people who have registered their business on Pinterest. Setting up a business account will help your boards be visible to  people who may be searching for related categories. For instance, if a person is looking for clothing, categories like apparel, shoes and handbags will also pop up.

You can make use of this feature, by linking your pins directly to your website. You can either make your pictures clickable, or in basic accounts just add the URL to the product page.

pinterest lilbluvan arrow

3) Get your customers to easily promote for you

Did you know can you can add a Pin it button to your product pages on your online website? Casual strollers on your website can pin the item to their accounts. Your product will now get the ‘eye-falls’ of all of your lovely customer’s followers too. This will increase number of relevant visitors to your website.

pin it button arrow

To add the ‘Pin It’ button to your product pages, you can use a social media sharing app known as Markerly. If you are a Zepo store owner, you can activate the Markerly app on your Zepo dashboard by following Zepo> Dashboard> Settings> Advance Features> Markerly>Turn on.

markerly for pinterest

4) Manage your stock based on the demand.

As an online store owner, managing your inventory can be a daunting task. Did you know that with Pinterest you can actually assess your demand and supply? Start by adding new product pins regularly from your e-store and add the Pin it button to all of your product/brand pages. Now, you can track the engagement your product pins are generating.  Let us see how to go about  it.

Pinterest has a tool known as Pinterest Analytics. Through analytics, you can get the average number of pins from your website, how many people pinned from your website and the number of re-pins. You can also sense of the reach of your pins and the number of visitors on your online store via pinterest.

While analytics can show you the engagement on your page, keeping a tab on your notifications can give better insights. If you see that a select few product pins are trending and driving traffic to your e-store, means that people love them.  You can capitalize on that love by

  • Increasing your stock based on the demand.

  • Keeping enough stock of a product which people are continuously pinning.

  • Using popular products to show off your stores collection.

With Pinterest, there is a simple flow- more pins trend, more visits to your site, more brand awareness and eventually increased sales.

With a large number of players entering the eCommerce sector, social media is playing a very big role. The number of Pinterest users are rising in the country. Now is the best time to get a strong footing in the platform and capitalize on its impact in social media marketing. So, go ahead, set up your business accounts, jazz up your profile and build engagement.

Happy Pinning !

This post was originally written by Samskrita Jain for Zepo: The eCommerce Blog for Small Businesses We are an eCommerce Platform and we help small businesses to sell online.
More than 1500 brands are now using to power their Online Stores.

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