There are always certain things you keep doing regularly for your business like Audits, checking Customer Satisfaction Levels, Innovating & Upgrading your offerings based on the demands & feedbacks, Internal Trainings, etc. These things help your Business to be organised and be on track. As these things are important for your business, so are some Branding Habits or Exercises. Regular and proper Branding helps in keeping your Brand healthy, relevant and on the top of the mind of your customers.

Like any other habits, Branding Habits are also developed by consistently doing it. Also, the customers do get used to it and the Brand becomes successful in establishing a long lasting relation with the customer. It has been observed that any Company which keeps on doing Branding Exercises from time to time is considered to be the most relevant in the Market and is usually seen as a Market Leader.

Let’ go through some good Branding Habits:

  1. Are you positioned correctly today?
    The Brand Positioning which you had yesterday may not necessarily be relevant today. Keep reviewing your Positioning from time to time and change or modify if necessary taking into consideration your Brand Perception.
  2. Is your identity fresh?
    Many companies create a Brand Identity for themselves for a lifetime and never look at it again. Depending on your Offerings and the Market Scenario, your Brand Identity should be fresh and relevant. Give a fresh look to your Logo, upgrade your website, re-work your Brand Collaterals as per the need.
  3. Customer Relations:
    In today’s competition, getting new customers is tough, but retaining the existing customers is tougher. Unless you develop habits to constantly keep in touch with your customers, there might be chances you may lose them. Regularly publishing blogs, newsletters, sending emailers/greetings to your clients on various occasions, wishing them on anniversaries, communicating about offers, etc., are some ways to keep in touch with your customers and tell them that you remember and care about them.
  4. How original are you?
    Originality leads to Credibility. The more original you are in generating ideas, concepts, content and campaigns, the more credibility and authenticity you will attract. So make it a habit to generate original stuff and position your Brand as a Market Leader.
  5. Integrate Online with Offline Strategies:
    Being consistent across all mediums helps your Brand achieve its Objectives and the strategies prove to be effective. It also adds to the value and credibility of the Brand.The communication which is being used Online should be in proper synchronization with the Offline communication.

Good Habits make a good person and similarly Good Branding Habits make a good Brand. Certain things have to be practiced regularly so that your Brand remains at the top of your Customers minds or else in no time it would be replaced by your competitor.


This Article has been written by Mr. Apoorv Houzwala, who is a Brand Consultant and currently the Founder Director of Welworth3G Advertising (A Brand Consultancy Firm) and is a Consultant to Welworth Creative Media (A Media Consultancy Firm). He is an MBA in Advertising from Symbiosis International University and has worked with many Local, Regional, National and International Brands.

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