The way we all are brought up in India, basically the service class, is with a very basic notion - "if you don't study and learn you will not grow". and I sometimes feel this is the only reason why indians are excelling in sectors like information technology and research.

But when I look around I see so many open gaps between the knowledge and growth. I see knowledgable people, not growing. When I sit down to do some analysis I see the knowledge is not being used in the right sense to achieve growth. Knowledge accquired in field A, and the person is working in field B. Person had decided to take a field thrown at him and then later comes to know it is not what he wanted.

Inspite of all the information available on net, it is still difficult for students to decide what they like and what they should do with their life going ahead. There is no connect of the outside with the inside.

I feel there is should be a connect between the outside competitive world and various streams of working with the students. Students today are ignorant of what happens in the real world, of what skills are required to survive and how should they survive. Due to which they dream for things which are sometime difficult to attain due to missing REALITY in it.

We in india are all hard working folks, we can beat any ball coming between our goal. But we should clearly understand our goal first. And know that the goal we defend is it the really the goal we want in our life.

There are so many managements programs compaines hire to keep their employees up-to-date. But what about our schools / colleges. Aren't this as well our responsibility to get connected with the future work force and carry out some career counselling and guidance. Help them to realise and find what goes on in the real world.

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Comment by Sachin R Nalawade on April 13, 2010 at 2:15pm
Its my personal exp, after completing my BE Auto, I was given 2/3 call everyday by placement cells. But they newer ask me about my interest...just want a job, go and give interview. I left around 8-10 companies in a month. Then I thought on what I want, and my interest in job. I was not interested in QC, Production, welding,shop-floor supervisor, vendor devp, marketing and sales...So I was confused. As mech engg I was not interested in IT. So one of my friend guided me to CAD as career...But there was lot of time waste to reach to proper career. So planning career is more imp to reach the goal.

I think school and colleges must take responsibility to guide students to right career path they must have special cell to guide students. Many time it happens that students from villages are not able to decide which course to do...parents are not having adequate knowledge about various career tracks. So students select courses which his friend is selecting and mostly land in trouble after completing it. No matter that they work hard for whichever course they r doing.

I feel schools/colleges must sponsor some program where student must be able to see, interact with professionals in various fields, know more about industry, way people work, kind of work required to be done after completing particular degree, his interest...more
Choosing career just by looking at successful professional, their house, money, cars...newer works!

I think social networking sites are useful tools to guide next generation to select right career, So professionals must share their views, write blogs to help others follow right path...
Comment by Prashant Kale on April 13, 2010 at 10:20am
In my opinion the reason why we seem to do well in information tech kind of activity is
1) we are taught to work "for" someone and not for ourselves
2) above behavior is also seen why we were reluctant to promote our own national language and stuck to english. Luckily, english is so common in western developed world
3) due to english knowledge and due to currency disparity, labour is still cheap in india. If labour were not cheap, infosys was not possible.
4) agreed there are good people with talents. there are more below average IT professionals however.

I don't want to sound pessimistic, however I felt this is economic reality

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