There was a time in India in the late nineties when this next door kid would have made a sports website on html and got funds rolling on to his front door. Come on, we all remember those days, at least the people here from my age group, which is the late twenties. Back then I remember how an S Kumar got funding for its net kiosks for an online shopping idea.Everyone was talking about Sabeer Bhatia.

The days of mindless splurging and misplaced sense of euphoria have long gone away. After that the world went into a depression and our economy took a hit, Satyam keeled over with financial malpractice and Anna took centre stage. Our last decade has been tumultuous, to say the least, but in all of this madness the internet without being pushed aggressively has been slowly and steadily making inroads into the Indian subcontinent. Today we would find a single connection at the least per household in all the tier 1 cities. As mentioned in the various reports where some 40 million internet users are pegged to drive retail and other businesses, we are once again seeing a rise in funding for the Indian online start ups. 

This time though e-commerce is leading the way and many of the start ups have already made the right buzz and are on their way to becoming successful models for others to see. We all are a part of these exciting times, recession or not the IT, ITES, retail and healthcare are all starting to exist not just as a shop front but a complete shop online. To make the best use of the potential that business has online, we need to accessorize and explore the immense number of applications and tools which would increase revenue generation through our online portals, build better lead generation cycles and ultimately reduce cost of operations to deliver more value for money. With key economic indicators showing first signs of an impending recession we could only do well by adopting and implementing some of the tools and strategies which help increase visibility, sales and drive traffic to some of these very popular sites. Of course if it is good product + good marketing, then you wouldn't find yourself batting an eyelid while the recession makes everyone else blind.

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