Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Checklist

When you hire a professional to conduct a formal fire extinguisher inspection, the inspector will:

  1. Verify that a portable fire extinguisher is placed within 75 feet of travel on every floor of the building.
  2. Verify that a portable fire extinguisher is situated within 30 feet of cooking equipment in a commercial kitchen or restaurant.
  3. Ensure that each fire extinguisher is conspicuously located, not obstructed by objects and readily available for use in case of a fire.
  4. Make sure the label indicating the type of fire extinguisher is legible.
  5. Check the pressure dial for readability. Make sure the dial is pointing to the green to indicate a full charge.
  6. Make sure the fire extinguisher hose is intact.
  7. Make sure the pull pin is fastened securely within the handle and the tamper seal is unbroken.
  8. Check for dents, cracks or other signs on damage on the body of the extinguisher.
  9. Look for any modifications to the fire extinguisher that could possibly reduce its functionality.

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