Entrepreneur, what is it man?

To explore this let’s try to find out who is entrepreneur? Entrepreneur is a person who is in possession of an enterprise or business undertaking and who owns significant accountability for the inherent risk and outcome. An entrepreneur is a leader who combines the resources like land, labour and capital to create & market new goods or services. One can say “Entrepreneur is a dealer of hope". They have the maximum risk taking ability. They emerge from the same society where in we leave. It comes from the group of people who wants to solve the problems when it appears in front of them. An entrepreneur recognizes an opportunity in the problem.

Entrepreneurs are primarily motivated by an overwhelming need for achievement and strong urge to build. They seldom are willing to submit the authority. They shows extreme optimism in their decision making process. They have a long vision, initially it may be incomplete, evolving, and flexible but target is very clear for them. The most common way to become entrepreneur is to start its own organization.

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