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Book coverI know that road to entrepreneurial journey is difficult. You may have been in business for a long time or you may have just started your business or you are planning to start a new business. To ease your challenges in marketing here is a book which will guide you.

Effective marketing for entrepreneurs

Hardcopy book


Sachin Mohan Bhide, PhD

Publication date

1st January 2015

Price & advance booking

  1. The book price will be Rs.249/- if you do advance booking. Advance booking started on 7th November 2014 and will last till 31st December 2014.
  2. Book price will be Rs.349/- for books sold from 1st January 2015
  3. Book delivery charges will be extra at actual.
  4. In the first edition, only 100 books will be printed.

About the book

In spite of having good products/services, many entrepreneurs can’t market those effectively. This book will assist these entrepreneurs in understanding how to market effectively. Some entrepreneurs have successfully marketed their products/services and have reached a level of stagnation. This book will also help these entrepreneurs to scale up their business to higher levels.

About the author

Sachin is a Marketing Consultant and founder of Eha Management Consultancy. He gives marketing advice to entrepreneurs since 2009. He had award winning work experience as an employee in industries like Technical Communication, Information Technology, Banking, and Education for 8 years. He has received excellent Corporate Trainer award. He is an award winning speaker, had received Best Speaker and Best Table Topic Master award at Toastmaster club in California, USA. He is PhD in Marketing Management, he researched nature of IT exports of Pune based selective Indian companies. He has done Masters in Business Administration and Commerce. He is a founder of Business Book Readers’ Club in Pune. His articles are published in leading publications. His opinions are highly sought after by media.

Book details

Publisher: Eha Management Consultancy
Language: English
ISBN: In progress


  1. Introduction
  2. Marketing challenges
  3. Understanding your market
  4. Understanding your customer
  5. Understanding your competition
  6. Selling
  7. Developing marketing system
  8. Developing your brand
  9. Effective marketing lessons from entrepreneurs

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Dr. Sachin Mohan Bhide

Sachin Mohan Bhide, PhD
Marketing Consultant
Eha Management Consultancy

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Comment by Dr. Sachin Mohan Bhide on June 29, 2015 at 5:06pm

Wow, that's nice to hear, best wishes for your journey! You can find the book here 

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