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No value for time

I have had two extreme experiences of ‘value of time’ recently. In one of the start-up community, I have offered one hour of introductory consulting meeting time for free. One entrepreneur took my appointment for this free session. I went at the meeting venue as always before time. The entrepreneur didn’t show up on time, hence I made a phone call. The entrepreneur told me that he was busy in the meeting and just finished his meeting. I told him that he should have informed me in advance about this delay. He said he forgot. He said that he will right away come for the meeting. He said he will reach the meeting venue in 15 minutes. I was well aware that it will take minimum 30 minutes for him to come to our meeting venue from his current location. I told him that I will wait for 29 minutes only. As I had guessed, the entrepreneur didn’t turn up on time and left meeting venue. 

Value for time

In the other experience, it was exactly opposite of the previous experience narrated above. The entrepreneur not only came on time, but also had come fully prepared. First, to my complete surprise, he gave me a token of appreciation. I told him something like this was not required but he insisted. Then at the time of discussion, I observed he was completely prepared with notes. He made sure that we had maximum utilisation of our time investment. I was completely surprise with such a preparedness which is rare.

How I value my time

I know these are extremely opposite examples which are rare. Here is my take on value for time. I value my and others time. For meetings, I reach minimum five minutes before decided time. For every meeting I attend, I set up a meeting entry through my calendar which makes sure that there are minimum two reminders sent to the other person through email/SMS. I don’t wait for the other person for anything more than 29 minutes beyond pre-decided time. At the thirtieth minute, I am out of the meeting venue. Neither have I made the other person whom I am meeting, wait for me. If there is any delay, I inform well in advance.

So if you don’t value your own time, how can somebody else will?

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Dr. Sachin Mohan Bhide

Marketing Consultant

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Comment by Dr. Sachin Mohan Bhide on July 9, 2014 at 3:40pm

Thank you for the feedback Manoj Sharma.

Comment by Manoj Sharma on July 9, 2014 at 3:26pm

I just hate time defaulters , They dont deserve chance . 

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